May 27, 2008

Whispering Petals Mandala & the Creativity Club Sandwich (CED 2008)

The flower petals in this mandala twirl and reveal their whisperings of harmony and nurturance: grace, joy, trust, shadow, light, giving, gratitude and more. I find it a bit mesmorizing. It actually feels like the petals are twirling a litte, like a windmill catching a breeze. I'm transported to a place of slowing down, and being present to the moment.
Being an "everyday creative", as Eric Maisel mentions in his, The Creativity Book - soothes my soul like nothing else. Creative expression creates a silent conversational dance between the greater part of me that stands ajar noticing what I'm doing, thinking and being - and the rest of me.
My Muse, the guardian angel of my creative spirit, informs me of ways new ways to "sandwich" creativity it into my every day. The good news is it's a Creativity Club Sandwich! Isn't that great?! That means it's, triple-decker creativity of many appetizing pieces! Sometimes the creativity is the main sandwich ingredient, and sometimes it's the condiments, or the garnish...depending on the nuggets of time and place that are available.
A Creativity Club a small yet, potent way we can be everyday creatives. This mandala was made that way, on dayplanner paper one bite at a time over a few days. So now, any impatience lessens while waiting in line, or at the drive thru, or at an appointment. Now...a seeming-delay becomes a Creative Oasis calling for you to dive in and take a bite (or a nibble) of the Creativity Club Sandwich that has materialized before you. ~ Yes...creativity one bite at a time and sandwiched into our everday life. Delicious!
Like many of us, my artist-cyberfriend Leah is an "everyday creative" too. She's created her wildly successful and fun Creative Every Day 2008 project, which I am giddily thrilled to be a part of! - Leah's project has grown from being held once a year, to an ongoing project throughout 2008. Thank you, Leah! You can click on over to her site...and check it out!
One more thing, can someone please help me...? Do you know why there's a bluish tint in the background of my photos? And, can you tell me how I can fix it? I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks!


Sue O'Kieffe said...

it could be color corrected in photoshop. i find that blue tint when i scan my art, too.
the mandala fills me with joy. thank you!

karin@creativechaos said...

Cheryl....I love this post!!! When I decided to get back my creative groove, I felt as though it involved sitting at a desk creating masterpieces. Then of course frustration takes over when that never happens (both the materpiece part and the not finding time part :) Anyway, I love the idea of a creativity club sandwich.....using time nuggets of time as a friend not a foe. Love the flower mandela...and love that it was created over the course of it represents that....

oh, do you have your scanner top closed all the way? sometimes it creates a shadow if it isn't . Or try puting a different piece of paper behind the piece of work.

yertle said...

I love the day planner doodles, and how it makes use of time nuggets. It reminds me of wanting to have more fun and expression in my life. Am afraid to commit to everyday creativity.

winterwood said...

this is YUMMY a yummy morsel cheryl! I love this creativity sandwich!!

Debra W said...


This just proves that we can be creative anywhere, at anytime and without a whole bunch of art supplies! I love that! I love that you worked on this piece when you had a chunk of time here and there, and didn't feel like you had to stop everything in order to be creative! It turned out to be absolutely lovely and very meaningful, as well. Wonderful, Cheryl!

I hope that you are having a fantastic weekend. We are down at the beach which is something that always makes me happy.


pattie said...

Wonderfully creative...very inspirational...I will have a piece of that creativity club sandwich please!!

Cheryl Finley: said...

Darn' tootin' you can have a piece of that Creativity Club Sandwich... Would you like fries with that?!!! LOL!!!

Journey Through Life said...

It's so wonderful that you are still actively doing your amazing mandalas. My phase on them was exciting but all too brief. I haven't done one in months. One of my students coloured in her music book this term, and it made me long to do it again!

Deb G said...

Like this a lot! Of course I see flowers....

I'd second the recommendation to try different paper/another layer of paper between the back of your art work and the lid of the scanner.

Cheryl Finley: said...

I'm so glad to see you all here, thank you very much for coming by and leaving your loving words...and suggestions on the photo/light issue. I'll work with it some more.

You all are great!
hugs to you all...

Journey Through Life said...

What a beautiful mandala. All the words in it sent my heart into a flutter!! :):)

I checked my settings in "A New Life". I don't know why you can't comment. What does it say??? I'm glad you like the blog and would you to be able to leave behind your thoughts. You have before haven't you??

Tally O said...

So glad you found me! Your mandalas are wonderful, and the whimsey and color make me happy! I LOVE the swirling petals in this latest post! Thank you for adding your link!

iHanna said...

What a beautiful and fun way to do a mandala, I love leafs - I want to make one like this in my art journal! :-)