June 21, 2008

Star Mandala

This star mandala is on it's way to Jillian Curtis and her sons in Minnesota for a memorial project they have created; details of the project are *here. I colored it specifically for Jillian's project using PrismaColor markers. The beautiful mandala design is by *Clare Goodwin . If you would like to contribute a star, or stars of any kind, Jillian can be contacted through her blog*. She would be delighted to hear from you. ~ Namaste.
You can see my hand-drawn mandalas on this blog, as well as on on my new mandala blog, here* -- Thanks for coming by!
*(live link)

June 13, 2008

Mother Nature's Mandalas

Don't ya just love the way Mother Nature creates her own mandalas? And...I just love her flower mandalas, especially these - a series of clusters is quite unique.
A few days after my birthday...I opened my office door and this batch of potted mums...(did you know mums could be so beautiful?!)... greeted me like a choir! They were so perky & colorful ..and gorgeous...I swear they were swaying when I walked in! They were a gift from a thoughtful, sweet guy who waters my plants for me, long after I've forgotten about them.

There are so many things and reasons to be thankful, and natural beauty and color raises that "gratitude vibration"...family and friends raise it a thousand fold!

"Beauty is truth, and truth... beauty." ~J. Keats.

June 9, 2008

Oasis Mandala

Deep in the center, benevolent energy radiates from deep within the layers. Ripples shimmy-out and touch the whole...sending gentle shock waves from bud, to petal, to bloom...then stem...and...the entire bloomin' galaxy......calling back to itself all that is familiar......sounding to the kindred invitation:
"Come....let us gather and quench our creative souls together..at the Oasis."
Hello everyone and mandala enthusiasts especially... My love of the mandala process, and a good friend, has inspired me to start an online community. You are invited to join us at the new and exciting Mandala Oasis - a kindred Yahoo! Community that focuses on the intuitve art of making your own mandalas...their inspirations and insights. In honor of this and the one year I've been on this mandala journey...I have created a new blog just for mandalas! I look forward to still seeing you here though, where I will continue to post other creative musings, insights and gratitude.
"The only way to truly understand mandalas is to draw them." ~Michael Brown Ed. S. ~from Meeting the Mandala, by Clare Goodwin