November 27, 2007

The Bottom of My Heart

Art Every Day Month ~
from the bottom of my heart."
This mandala puzzled me at first. Since my mandalas are
"stream of
ness" creations,
I remembered to trust the process, even though I didn't like the black; and in trusting...this mandala revealed much to me.
So...tonight as I pondered "The Bottom of My Heart" mandala I now see that its center it's alive and well and robust and red! And, that is the case no matter what...that's the core, the Eternal Truth of the matter; matter what seeming-darkness comes into life...vibrant life is at the center; burning away any clouds, misunderstandings, negative emotions, restlessness....whatever might get in the way of well-being. the Pheonix Rising from the ashes, new life prevails..."renewed life". The black is a reminder of those ashes...and the Phoenix principle, and THAT is a blessing. To quote one of my very first spiritual teachers (whom I think the world of), Louise L. Hay..."Deep at the Center of my being there is an infinite well of love*..." so...may we realize, acknowledge and be guided by it, and feel and live the love, joy and peace it gives. May you be well.
* "Deep at the Center..." is the title of a written piece, consisting of wonderful, uplifting, flowing affirmations of self-love, created by Louise L. Hay. It's been a part of my life since 1990, and reading it aloud creates beautiful shifts within me that I cannot explain. I dare you to read it and not feel good! :) -- You can read it here. - Enjoy...
Celebrating "Art Every Day Month" (click here) - or at least "posting" some art in some of those "every days" LOL!!

November 12, 2007

My Unique Way

Art Every Day Month -- Out of this world! -- at least in my subconscious. These lines and angles keep showing up!! What's up with that? I'm not usually drawn to them...but here they are! Hmm...I'll have to let this sit with me...incubate a while and invite Insight to come. What flashes in my mind as I write this is: I normally have a difficult time following a "straight and narrow" structure of doing things; although I know it has it's advantages, it not "my way"'s not the way that energizes me.
My natural way of being and doing is the scenic, meandering route....letting myself gradually get into the spirit of what "I" need before I tend to outside needs of the day. This usually includes a leisure cup of tea, gently waking up, consciously breathing, inner-time....a little time with Ike..."easy does it" is key for me. energy and focus build naturally from that and I'm on my way, otherwise it can be too jolting, unsettling...discombobulating.
What it boils down to is recognizing, acknowledging, valuing... and giving myself permission to do things "My Way" as Frank Sinatra would say. Now I get it! That's what the lines and pathways in this mandala are about... they symbolize me staying "my" course, staying on "my" path...and embracing & celebrating "my" unique way of doing things...and to not allow things in my periphery to distract me from following "my" unique way. And what a bold, colorful way it is! Today, may you acklnowledge, embrace and celebrate your unique way...and unique you!

November 5, 2007

The Cutting Edge

Thank you for hanging in there with me during my blogging slow-down, and I love the wonderful comments you left for me :). I've been enjoying creature comforts of the season: a slower pace, staying warm, puttering and enjoying home. I've also been contemplating a crochet/knitting project, and cooking more than usual...but still not that much (ha ha)!
Now...about this mandala. I realized after making it that it's about me realizing my Cutting Edge of awareness, and of "cutting through static"...whatever that means on any given day; be it internal or external static. Actually, it's a reminder to me that "static on the inside = static on the outside", and when it's neutralized within there's no static without, just beautiful life reigns and a deeper, more expanded dimension permeates my experience of living...everything around me is...plush. When that happens my surroundings having a depth that's almost magical...or is it me? That's the amazing experience I have after participating in a community drumming circle where everyone is a kindred spirit. I did that with a friend this summer, I swear...there's something about drumming ...its rhythm vibrates within our bodies and surroundings and a force field of healing, protection, love and peace is everywhere! It is awesome! The power of drumming is a Cutting Edge...and a greater vibration lingers in its wake. Truly an amazing experience. I thank this mandala - #80 - for reminding me of that.
This post is a part of Leah's Fifth Annual Art Every Day Month! Thanks for the inspiration Leah. Although I won't be posting daily, I will be working on something creative every day and will post it through out the month. Maybe you'll join us? Check it out here.