July 30, 2007

"Peace...Blooming-out All Over"

"Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me." ~ Lyrics by S. Miller & J. Jackson

The inspiration of this mandala says...

Eye see from Higher Ground. Eye hold a Higher Vision of peace, and see beyond the (negative) physical appearances and the news headlines. I am steadfast in my vision....and I live from that place of peace within me.

Peace begins within the vessel of my own being...and yours, and radiates out into our world as courtesy, patience, heartfelt smiles, or a cheerful "Hello!" Our peace expands with mindful living. We can beam peace from our hearts and souls... and let it shine through our eyes to every one we meet in our every day. We are Ambassadors of Peace, and we can decide to imbue blessings of peace to our brother-and-sister-travelers each day...especially to those who whose behavior shows they are not experiencing peace. Hmm... this could include agressive drivers, discourteous people, or those in so much in a hurry they're not "present"and do not show regard for others....you get the idea.

We can offer peace by yielding to them....and then observe as we experience the expansion of our own inner-peace. Like love, our peace increases when we share it. "Being peace" speaks ever so loudly...without saying a word; and even if it doesn't "appear" to make a difference...our acts of peace are cumulative...increasing the peace vibration on the planet. We are Beacons of Peace...and our sowing and harvesting of it helps create magnificient "peace-blooms" within the vessel of our own being, and then...an increased fragrance of peace permeates our planet, and universe.

Yes I breathe-in this poetic song, hear the melody, and let it soothe my soul & inspire my spirit..to "be peace". Yes
..."Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me."

Blessings, everyone...

On another note: This mandala (#65) is a bit different from the others. I've begun using Prismacolor markers (vs. my Crayola Super Tips...which I still use, and love!). I'm getting better acquainted with the way they "take" to different paper, etc. This is the first mandala I made using Prismacolors and Micron pen.

July 25, 2007

Life Wheel

Authentic self-expression, play, relationships,
inner-work, right livli-hood, prosperity, health and creativity -- all important components to keep my life wheel in balance. Now...to partake of them mindfully -- and create another wheel if need be -- This tool keeps me aware of the slices of life that are essential and need my attention.
Mandala #60

Waiting in the Wings

July 17, 2007

Intention's Journey

This mandala represents the inward journey of my intention. By introducing my heart-felt intention at the rim of my awareness...it travels toward the Center...and when I am completely
"at One" with it, it physically blossoms into my world.
One Spring morning during my quiet time, this Haiku poem on Intention emerged to greet me. Its simple beauty is contemplative and empowering...and reminds me of my role in my own life.


Our intentions are

the atmosphere in which we

live our truth out loud

Mandala #40

July 15, 2007

Ultimate Center

This mandala represents my Ultimate Center of Being; the Center that Cheri Huber talks about in her book on compassionate self-discipline. I created this mandala spontaneously, and several days passed before I realized what it represented. Thanks to this mandala, now when I think of Center this image is what comes into my mind's eye. I see it just like this...all vibrant, bold, beautiful, and it has a shimmering translucence that's mesmorizing and transforming.
When I close my eyes and breath mindfully, and enter deep into my own being this shining, shimmering Center is what's waiting for me. It takes me into Itself and nourishes my soul. It's always there waiting to love, and soothe me....and welcome me back Home. It's waiting to heal whatever needs healing. It's waiting to inspire, enliven and give me more juice to celebrate and to express my full, authentic self.
Just as Royce writes about in "BOLD"... we MUST be our full authentic selves...and then go out into the world and "be it boldly"! We MUST embrace the fullness of our magnificient Selves! We MUST express fully who we are! I believe this is why we are here, and if we shy away from expressing it... others will miss out on the inspiration they would have received from us...and vice versa. We must be of good courage and go one (baby-step) farther to our Bold a new level that is waiting for us! Thank you Royce for your immeasurable inspiration!
Don't hold back! Be Bold, as Inspire Me Thursday challenges us to do this week; (my BOLD offering is here). We all have glorious gifts to share, and we can only do that when we say YES to the spirit of our magnificience. I am thankful that communing with Ultimate Center does that for me, as does induldging my creative passions, sharing them, and basking in the joy of others who share theirs! So, let "now" be the beginning baby-step, to BOLDLY go where no woman or man has gone before!
Mandala #45

The Center

Just about all of my mandalas are created spontaneously in stream of consciousness. This one was a conscious decision before I even picked up a marker to begin; although once I got started, it too was stream of consciousness. .

This mandala was inspired by the cover Cheri Huber's book, Making a Change for Good: A Guide to Compassionate Self-discipline . After creating it I realized it is my rendition of what she calls "Center", at least the first level Center for me. It's a portal to my Ultimate Center.

When I see it I am reminded that when I live from the Core of my Center... my experience of living is awesome! It is vivid, alive, vibrant, self-nurturing, energetic, wildly creative...just to name a few. I am thankful for this beautiful reminder of Center...a portal that lives inside me....and beckons me to go even deeper.

Ultimate Center, Level II was created shortly after, and I have posted it above.

Mandala #44

Ode to the Mustard Seed

It's been said that to have faith the size of a mustard seed is all it takes. If we have that, it's enough to declare "I believe!"
This mandala reminds me I have that Mustard Seed Faith...at least. The tiny dots at the center symbolize that...and the voluptous, flowering bloom keeps my eye and heart on the transforming power of beauty. I know my faith is more like a field of mustard seeds, but it's good to be reminded that a little bit is all it takes. This mandala is about the Beauty of Belief....my Ode to the Mustard Seed.
Mandala #43

Mystical Monique

This mandala tells me her name is Mystical Monique, and she's all about my single-focused, forward movement in my mind, body, and affairs...letting go of what's behind me...no matter if I might call good or bad. Monique's job is to gently and powerfully keep me celebrating the moment. She is about making every day new, and about me being born "anew" to each new day and moment, and be "ever so present, to the present." Monique is a bounty of mystycal blessings.
Mandala #54

Bold & Vibrant Vision!

This week's creative challenge at Inspire Me Thursday is to

The elegant, gracious spirit of this mandala says to me:

I Am the part of you who has bold, beautiful vision and sees vibrant, colorful, and audacious new horizons for you...right now! ...and I always will!

I Am the part of you who surfs the waves of gracefulness, passion and boldness like nobody's business!!!!

I Am the one within you who knows that... "The beauty of life is in the eye of the one who...is bold enough to behold it!"

I behold you as the apple of my eye & heart. I know your life is filled with the vibrancy, the vigor and the aplomb of Spirit! I want you to keep riding those waves, and continue to "see" your bold, beautiful, colorful life of love, wholeness and beauty. It is yours right now!

Mandala #59

July 8, 2007

June's Mandala Jubilation Gyrates into July!!

Inspire Me Thursday's creative prompt this week is "Seven" . After making this mandala yesterday, signing and dating it 7/7/07...I knew this was my entry!
June's Mandala Jubilation was so marvelous that I'm going with the flow and letting it gyrate through the month of July! I've been so enthralled in this art as self-discovery...as spiritual practice that I'm just now stopping to post. It's been and energizing and amazing process. I've created 24 mandalas since my last post about a month ago...and more important the number I've made is what these beauties reveal to me about myself; much like my SoulCollage® cards - they're pieces of my own personal treasure map...created by my psyche...my soul. All of them have been created spontaneously...no plan...just pure spirit shining through...playing in the circle..detached from what it will look like. Another one added to the Mandala Suit of my SoulCollage® Deck.
Maybe you'll be inspired to give it a whirl...and see what imagery is deep within you waiting to whisper its wisdom in your ear. Creating them is simple... just draw or trace a circle... and color or draw inside of it without giving it much thought...just choose what to do moment by moment....have fun...just play...you'll get a feel for when it's complete. Be detached to its outcome...an unintended mark or blob becomes another message; there are no mistakes. When you're done...put it where you can see it and look at it every chance you get. Then make another one!! ...and put it so you can see it too. Sooner or later they will speak to you in some way...and the message will likely be very synchronistic. I have a girlfriend who can attest to this! She emailed me just yesterday telling me of her delight at her mandala's message...and how at first she didn't feel anything from it...then POW! ...it hit her. If you do decide to make one...and care to share it...I (and others) would love to hear about it... just drop me an e-mail, located at my profile. (You can also browse other methods for creating mandalas under "Links that Inspire Creativity".)
This is mandala #63 and it says to me: Your single-pointed focus of your intention, and the stillness you cultivate within yourself pierces through all of the lovely, colorful, and numerous distractions in your daily life, and it escorts you to a place of simple pleasures, calm waters within where your single-pointed intention...as sharp and precise as a razor's edge...ripples out into your inner and outer worlds...shaping it, creating your experience as you see and feel and know it to be in your heart...in your consiousness. Remember you have the power to do that, as it's available to everyone. You single pointed intention and focus reveals itself as your life. It's how you hit your target...creating the life you envision..of your heart's desire; and always remember... there is joy in the journey.
Make it a creative day!