June 9, 2007

"Sabrina" Mandala ~~ June Jubilation Rocks!

June Mandala #3 - This sweetheart is...Sabrina. She is the first face to emerge from my mandala-making...and I am so glad she has joined me. Her birth began the same as my other mandalas...simply coloring in the circle -which is a fun place to play, as this small circle allows me to create effortlessly, without attachment. Colors are chosen rather spontaneously -- shapes, strokes and squiggles emerge from my muse's whispering whims .

At some point I notice an opening that beckons me to create a "room with a view" - and when it feels right, then...wha-laa!... an eye is created! It's almost as if the eye is whispering to me from it's formless state... requesting that I grant its wish to be made visible. Some of the
mandalas I've created resonate an energy to me...a certain feeling of aliveness...and that's when I know to include it in the Mandala suit of my SoulCollage® deck .

This whole eye fascination is intriguing me -- I've been collecting magazine images of eyes, glances and such for my SoulCollage® deck for quite a while now. I now see that I'm giving honor to my delight in feasting my eyes...and inner-vision on the beauty of life...and living! ~

And... as I celebrated my 50th birthday on June 8th (Yay me!) I know I'm better than ever! I feel in in my bones!! I feel good in my skin!! ~ I am living life from the joy of Being...celebrating each day, each breath, each blink....each year ...and each and every experience that has brought me to this day...today...not just the anniversary of my birth...but this very day!! -- So I am shouting it from the mountaintops: Life is Good!! ~ Life is Full!! ~ Life is Beautiful!! ~ I am whole! ~ I am loved! ~ I love! ~ I have a rich, rich life...and so much to be thankful for!! I am thankful!

From the SoulCollage® point of view, Sabrina tells me:

Eye am your inner-vision. Eye am your honed focus. Eye have traveled the universe, exploring...and then...back home to you. Eye am the part of you who is enchanted with life...on earth and beyond!

Eye see living color in my inner and outer worlds. Eye am one who's at home with stars of all varieties. Eye am the part of you who sees and feels the sparkle of new and renewed love in your eyes...even before you realize it....love for friendships, kinships, family, creating...and life!!

It is my joy to see your life through my single eye...my eye of panoramic vision. Eye see new, colorful beginnings of beauty, love, joy...and order for you right now!

Keep loving, nurturing and being inspired by yourself and the wealth of kinships and inspiration that surround you...as well as the inspiration that finds you! Do what comes naturally. Above all...always let your true colors come shining through...just like you're doing...for there is no substitute for, and few rewards greater than authentic self-expression.

June 5, 2007

Tree of Life Mandala

June Mandala #2 -
Inspired by the creative spark over at Inspire Me Thursday which was: reflect upon our "roots", literal or otherwise...and create something!
Immediately I thought of a tree...I am fascinated by...and drawn to...trees! However, I haven't yet learned how to draw roots...so I let that idea steep a bit while I wrote about my first entry -- and not long afterard, the idea of surrounding the tree with words came to me... (thanks to my muse). These "living words" are just a few of the foundational roots from which my life's garden has grown. Life, joy, compassion, peace, truth, creativity and beauty are a just a few (of many root sytems) that were passed on to me from my parents , my grandparents, and other family elders...and I too have passed them on to my daughter...and so it goes on and on. Roots are a beautiful thing.!

June 3, 2007

June's Mandala Jubilation!

June Mandala #1
~~ It's Joyful Jubilation as I Begin Making Mandalas for June!~ ~

Ahh...summer is nearly here, vibrant color everywhere...a variety of rich textures are bursting forth; the chorus of birds singing in the trees is pure heaven to me... Today I saw a bird gathering twigs and grass his nest (he looked like a guy...LOL!) which I've not seen since I was a little girl! I paused and took these moments in. Life is good indeed. Oh...and hearing the breeze through the trees is so calming...each time I hear that it reminds me of a Haiku poem my daughter wrote for me when she was about eight, it had the line in it "the breeze through the trees.." -- just makes me smile. And yes...the fragrances of the flowering trees...tease us with promise of more to come. Mother Nature is in her glory...and so am I. It's a beautiful site to behold....and expereince. A dose of nature is good for the soul ....
The Art in Every Day...is alive and well, indeed!

This mandala is one of the first
SoulCollage® Cards in the Mandala Suit of my SoulCollage® deck. I become still, and ask this art from my soul: "Who are you?" -- It replies:

"I am the part of you who is wide-eyed with wonder and appreciation for the the vibrant color that I reside in. ~~ I am the one who is leaving my circle of color to explore the universe of color that awaits me! ~~ I am the one who is excited about the colorful options in life. I look forward to creating new colors and textures. ~~ I am the one who is creating a life that delights the senses and the soul. ~~ I am the one who is expanding my world...with arms wide open... moving into a vibrant life of beautiful, living color."