September 29, 2007

Mystical Mandala Journey

It's been five months since I began my Mystical Mandala Journey. I'm 76 mandalas deep into this soothing and revealing soul-homeopathic remedy that I call Mandala Medicine.
In this time I've seen recurring symols and themes in the mandalas I've made, which I've linked to as follows: There're the eyes, the V-like symbols, the squiggly lines, color explosions, as well as fun & games, to name a just a few...all of them revealing more insights into myself, more opportunities to see and grow, and listen; more chances to share, inspire, and to be inspired. I've witnessed Mandala Medicine make a difference in the lives of people, as mentioned in the wonderful comments, and in my post on Making Your Own Mandala Medicine.
It's been a fascinating journey. I appreciate every single one who has come and joined in this Mystical Mandala Journey, for it is truly "Our Journey"...and I'm blessed, honored and thrilled to be sharing it with such talented, caring, generous, creative, supportive and inspiring people. YOU make it fun and inspiring for me; and I look forward to the next 76+ mandalas, mine and well as whatever your heart and soul decides to create, and share.
I also want to thank Muse Melanie, creator of Inspire Me Thursday. Melanie, through your vision and commitment to living a creatively inspired life, you have broadened the horizons of my life exponentially with an opportunity to expand, be inspired, and be a part of a growing family of art-inspired friends and muses from all over the world! Thank you for opening the portals of your imagination to us.
Godspeed...and I thank you all for being in my life...indeed, this means YOU!
(Mandala #49)

Mandala 48 - The Enigma

Usually I have an idea about the message, or symbolism in the mandalas I make. This one is more of an enigma. I sense the "centered sight, and connection" but that's about it. So, this is yet another ingredient of Mandala Medicine: Sometimes it's about expressing and releasing, and understanding comes later. It's a lot like SoulCollage® in that way. So, when I'm ready I'll quiet myself and dialogue with this "Enigma". Hmm.. perhaps it symbolizes that part of me I've yet to discover or understand. Now there's some food for thought...huh?

September 23, 2007

Almost a Square...

Inspire Me Thursday's creative prompt this week is "Square". I know this isn't exactly a square, but hey,
considering I normally make mandalas...this is close enough for me! In my "mandala mind" anything with angles can qualify as needed: a square, a rectangle, or a triangle..LOL! : )
I do like this bright, boldly-colored, blooming flower, which evolved over a few days. Back in the summer I wanted to try my hand at something other than mandalas, just to see how it felt; plus I was trying out my new Prismacolor markers. And...even though I'm pleased with how this came out, I realize that I just don't resonate with straight lines and angles as a defined area to create in. If I get too many lines and angles in my mandalas, I get the heebie-jeebies!** I have this vibe going with the I'll continue to honor that. And every now and then, as the muse moves me, I'll explore other shapes to work within, but for now I'm happy to be a mandala girl!
** And I can't argue with what comes up though, since it's created in the "stream of consciousness" state. I'll just stay tuned to what the lines and angles have to say to me when they do show up.

September 21, 2007

A Purrr-fect Evening

My Sacred Life:
As a part of winding down tonight, after a rather hectic day at work...and as
my kitty, Ike, was meowing away for my attention...I realized that giving him the attention he needed could also serve me as well...and it did. I grabbed his brush and we sprawled out in the living room the way he "luuuvs" to get brushed... and we just had a little Purr-fest. I'm brushing and he starts mind relaxes and I feel an inner-hum myself. It was a sacred, synchronistic dance. It was our "we time". It was rather meditative...the only sounds were that of his purring... oh so was music to my ears and heart. A beautiful way to end the day. Thank you Ike.

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September 13, 2007

Women for Women International

Being able to share what I have be it ideas, knowledge, patience, food or money, etc. ...pleases my soul immensely. A while back I decided to sponsor a "sister" through Women For Women International. Many of these women live in war-torn countries, have no electricity or indoor plumbing, and live in fear for their lives, and their children's lives. Women for Women Int'l provides these women support and education to create a better life.

Over the summer my first sponsoree/sister graduated from the program. She writes to let me know of her progress and success since she started the program. Her life has improved in the following ways: the general health of her and her family, ability to get timely medical care, sense of self-confidence, support network, relationship with husband, role as community leader, ability to decide which children got to school...and to send them; as well as her economic situation. That's a wonderful dividend for a heart-investment, and it's less than a dollar a day per month. Giving, indeed is the gift... to the giver as well as the receiver. Another ingredient of my sacred life.

September 11, 2007

Tangerine Mango Mandala

Inspire Me Thursday's creative prompt this week is using a "Limited Palette". We were asked:
"What colors surround you most… what colors repeatedly draw you in… what colors symbolize what is going on in your life right now?"

Well..."mango" has resonated with me for over a year now. It's been "cantaloupe mango"...and these shades feel like a "tangerine mango" to me. I've been so passionate about Mango that I named my home creative space my "Magical Mango Studio". It's sweet, furry mascot is my Mango Kitty, Ike. fabulously talented artist-friend Pattie Mosca created Magical Mango Kitty to grace the wall of my mango-colored studio (oh, be sure to see the 2nd photo of the finished kitty). So...there was no doubt what my choice would be for this Thursday Inspirational prompt... Mango Mandala Madness! After partaking of my mandala medicine, I found it very interesting and amusing to look at this mandala "all the way around" so I posted three more views separately, below. This one is what resonated with me most, although the horizon view, as I call it, was a close second. May you enjoy this bit of tangerine-mango today.

(Using Prismacolor markers is a completely different creative experience vs. using my Crayola Super Tips...which I love those too. Mandala #74)

Tangerine Mango Mandala~ Triple-play

Hmm, a different way...

...of seeing...


September 10, 2007

My Sacred Life: Surrender

"The creative process is about surrender, not control."
~ Julia Cameron

And, since living is a creative process... I honor the principle of surrender. It's funny that this quote came to me today since I just wrote about surrender two days ago. I love it when that happens, it's like the Universe is blowing me a kiss saying: "Here sweetie, this one's for you"! Yes...the release and power of surrender is indeed a haven, for that's when I get to flow with life rather than against it (i.e. unconsciously trying to impose my will on situations, people, places and things). Yep... "Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream"... It's the only way to go. Realizing this makes the moments that are my life... more full, textured and rich...and yes, sacred. is good!
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September 9, 2007

Making your own Mandala Medicine

Creatimg mandalas is fun, easy, and reveals ourselves to ourselves in one way or another.
I love, love, love making them, sharing them, and encouraging others to do the same. That makes them an essential ingredient in My Sacred Life. They are my spirit "mandala medicine" as I now call it. Although, nothing needs to be ailing for me to benefit from this relaxing, and energizing form of creativity and self-discovery.
I've written my personal prescription for creating your own Mandala Medicine, at the end of a few posts, but today when I received the following e-mail from sister-blogger Kelly...I knew I wanted to make the Prescription a separate post so others can begin making their own and join in the fun, creativity and sharing of insights that come from this creative prescription. Kelly writes:
"Your mandalas really inspired me. You can tell yours are dancing and open to Spirit. That's what made me want to sit down and do one... the idea that there are no rules except to keep it kind of circular. :) Other mandala sites made me feel intimidated, but your site is encouraging everyone to try it. Thank you for that."
Thank you Kelly! I love it when things work together like this... inspiration begets inspiration! ...and "thank you everyone" who comes and shares your kindred spirits here.
Within the last few days I became aware of three people making mandalas who have stopped by this blog at some point. I was thrilled when Patti of Welcome to My Universe, left a comment saying she was going to make mandalas, and did she ever! That same day she made three, and then two more of late. From her blog I found Kelly's Kikipotamus the Hobo, she just made her first mandala a few days ago! And Annie of Journey Through Life loves the meditative experience of coloring mandalas, which I've not yet done..oh my goodness the possibilities are endless!
Here's my personal prescription for making your own Mandala Medicine..
Just draw or trace a circle (I use a CD)... and color, paint, or draw inside of it without giving it much thought...just choose what to do moment by moment....have fun...just'll get a feel for when it's complete. Be detached from its unintended mark or blob becomes another message; there are no mistakes. When you're done ...put it where you can see it and look at it every chance you get. Then make another one!! ...and put it so you can see it too. Repeat. Sooner or later they will speak to you in some way. Allow yourself to journal about your insights...and observations of the symbols, colors, how you felt in your body, and even what was going on in your life while creating your mandalas. Just let yourself be a vessel. All of this, especially in retrospect will be very clues to a mysterious, hidden treasure...which is YOU! - Also, you can dialogue with your mandala, as I've done with Sabrina. The mandalas we make offer insights beyond what's apparent to us. It's yet another form of intuitive have fun!
Check out the comments from bloggers below...they're having a good results from making their mandala medicine!
By the way, the above photo shows some of my mandala making supplies, along with a mandala in-process which is for a prompt from this week's Inspire Me Thursday.

September 8, 2007

My Sacred Life: Mandala Medicine

Carla's post tonight reminds me of the blessings of stillness and rest, and what leads me to inhabit them. Sometimes it's an intentional act of self-care, and sometimes it's induced by a shadowy mood in which I'm so exhausted that I have no choice but to let go, be still, and rest. Although the former is prefered, the latter is where I was when I created this mandala.

I discovered a few years go through a poem I'd written that sometimes we have to stop resisting and "rest in the unrest"...otherwise known as "surrender"...a nudging from Spirit for which I am deeply grateful. After making this mandala, I experienced relief. A sigh, like I'd finally outrun a dark cloud that threatened an inner-storm. It passed through me after a short while, and it left some gifts in its wake. A new dawning swept though me after that, and I then picked up more markers to create again. My heart was lightened. A new blossoming was born. Inspirations from my surroundings were keener to me.

I've decided to call my mandala work "mandala medicine" for that is indeed what it is. After making this mandala, that same evening this one and this one emerged. And a few days later this one. All of them glowing evidence that this mystical "mandala medicine" works. Indeed, it is an essential be taken as needed in My Sacred Life.

Update: Sister-bloggers are chiming-in with how mandala medicine is working for them! Check out the comments in the post, "Making your own Mandala Medicine".

(Mandala #46)

September 5, 2007

My Sacred Life: Using Our Talents

This mandala:
"Cry Me a River", speaks for itself, doesn't it? It's mandala #47 of the 71 I've made so far since May of this year. It seemed fitting to post it with the Paint-It Pink Mandala Project™ that I want to share with you, but before I do I want to let you know that...
...I am truly loving the My Sacred Life Project because it reminds that so much of my life is sacred. My heart knows this, but sometimes my mind races ahead, so this project is doing just what it's creator, Carla bring to the surface mind, the sacredness of every day; which by the way is the purpose of this blog! see the Art in Every Day!...which I write about it in my description...and I indeed DO see the Art in Every Day; but it's the beauty of subtleties that can make the experience of living so much richer; so having the word "sacred" introduced to my "every day" attunes my heart even more to its existence in my life.
This is already the case with seeing the "Art in Every Day." Now I get to do that with Sacredness. THIS is what makes our life so very rich...more spiritiual ideas incorporated into our being-ness. The My Sacred Life Project does that for me, and I to pay homage to that principle, and Carla . Thank you Carla. And now...on to "Using our Talents".
There's not much I love better about creativity than using our passions and talents for a good cause. If you're reading this then no doubt you already know that I am hopelessly in love with making mandalas. For me it's a visual form of Morning Pages...self-exploration, discovery and releasing mind chatter, at it's best. My soul is soothed, and it exhales with gratitude when I indulge it in this "mystical mandala medicine". It's a prescription for well-being that I must fill regularly...otherwise I'm a little "off". Anyway...when I came across the Paint-It Pink Mandala Project™ the other night (yes...I was surfing the net for all things mandala :) it was all I could do to sit long enough to write and share this with you because...
...The Paint-It Pink Mandala Project™ combines creating mandalas + a worthy cause, Breast Cancer Awareness. It also helps to support artists whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. The Project was created by international mandala teacher Claire Sabo. Don't you think it's awesome that there is an "international mandala teacher"? That in itself lets us know that mandala-making is p-r-e-t-t-y powerful.
Ms. Sabo started the Project to honor her mother and grandmother, both of whom died of breast cancer. The Mandala Project organization, where Ms Sabo is workshop coordinator, describes the project saying: "This ongoing public art collection of pink mandalas sent in from all over the world, brings awareness and hope until the cure is found."
So this is the perfect opportunity to yet again, use our creative juices...and our generous, compassionate make a difference. Can't you just see our "Works of HeArt" in their gallery...bringing awe to someone's heart, that they were thought of enough to do this on their behalf? And, since it's an ongoing project there a no deadlines...very cool. Details for submitting your mandala are available at Paint-It Pink Mandala Project™. For those who choose to participate...thank you. And, if you need an another reference for making mandalas I describe my simple process at the end of this post. Have fun and may you see and embrace the sacredness of using your talents.
P.S.- Here are pictures from a Paint-it Pink Mandala workshop featuring finished PINK mandalas!

September 4, 2007

My Sacred Life

I came across this interesting and timely article*: Shadow Comforts, written by Comfort Queen, Jennifer Louden the Soulful Living site...which in itself is a Treasure Trove for the Spirit. Jennifer's insights into shadow comforts is comprehensive; and I can, and will use the journaling promots she outlines in the article. I've been witnessing myself partake of shadow comforts for a while...and have wanted to overcome, transcend, transform them (that's code for working toward self-mastery).'s my chance...another chance, another soul-tool to incorporate. prayer, desire and intention for assistance were genuine...for the answer came. It showed up synchronicstically through Carla (of Zena Moon & My Sacred Life Project) who commented on my Diamond Drum Mandala post, and her blog* led me to the article. Thank you Carla. Soul-stirring gifts were left in your wake.
It's been said: "Ask...and you shall receive". I know this is true. And I also say to myself: "Ask, Expect (to get it), Prepare (to receive it), Walk in the Consciousness of already having it, and Give thanks for it." It works. Oh...and when I forget that "it works" I remind myself to "Walk in Faith...not by sight, but in Spiritual Insight". What I've also discovered is...after genuinely doing this enough It becomes a part of my being... and I then I don't have to even ask...because I realize it's already mine. And in that that moment...I say thank you, thank you, thank you. And I know...I will see it in my experience of living at the divine-right time.
Yes this is definitely a "Sacred Life" moment. And, I say "thank you Carla", for dreaming up the My Sacred Life's an honor to share the journey of my sacred life with you, and kindred travelers along the way. ~ Godspeed. Namaste.

September 1, 2007

Diamond Drum Mandala

Inspire Me Thursday's theme this week is "Fun & Games...and this Diamond Drum Mandala was much FUN to make with all its colors, diamonds, squiggles and wiggles. It's funny, I didn't know what it was...I was "going for" a vase, but it didn't look like that to it was the mystery mandala for a while.
Then, my friend Patrica saw it and said, "Oh...a drum!" Thank you Pat!...I's a drum! What FUN this can sometimes become the GAME of... "What's that Mandala?" That's what's so great about these mandalas, you can't mess them up...the imagination just makes of it what it will...and I must say...that makes it more FUN! -- And...I can see and feel its vibrational beat...which makes me wanna just move & groove...and shake, rattle & roll!
Come join-in the mystery, and the FUN...& GAMES of creating mandalas*. This one even looks like it's having fun, fun, fun! (By the way...this is mandala #68.)
* Creatimg mandalas is fun, easy, and reveals ourselves to ourselves in one way or another. Here's what I do: Just draw or trace a circle (I use a CD)... and color or draw inside of it without giving it much thought...just choose what to do moment by moment....have fun...just'll get a feel for when it's complete. Be detached to its unintended mark or blob becomes another message; there are no mistakes. When you're done...put it where you can see it and look at it every chance you get. Then make another one!! ...and put it so you can see it too. Repeat. Sooner or later they will speak to you in some way...the symbols, colors, etc. you've drawn can be very revealing. The mandalas we make offer metaphysical insights to us. It's yet another form of intuitive creativity.