May 27, 2008

Whispering Petals Mandala & the Creativity Club Sandwich (CED 2008)

The flower petals in this mandala twirl and reveal their whisperings of harmony and nurturance: grace, joy, trust, shadow, light, giving, gratitude and more. I find it a bit mesmorizing. It actually feels like the petals are twirling a litte, like a windmill catching a breeze. I'm transported to a place of slowing down, and being present to the moment.
Being an "everyday creative", as Eric Maisel mentions in his, The Creativity Book - soothes my soul like nothing else. Creative expression creates a silent conversational dance between the greater part of me that stands ajar noticing what I'm doing, thinking and being - and the rest of me.
My Muse, the guardian angel of my creative spirit, informs me of ways new ways to "sandwich" creativity it into my every day. The good news is it's a Creativity Club Sandwich! Isn't that great?! That means it's, triple-decker creativity of many appetizing pieces! Sometimes the creativity is the main sandwich ingredient, and sometimes it's the condiments, or the garnish...depending on the nuggets of time and place that are available.
A Creativity Club a small yet, potent way we can be everyday creatives. This mandala was made that way, on dayplanner paper one bite at a time over a few days. So now, any impatience lessens while waiting in line, or at the drive thru, or at an appointment. Now...a seeming-delay becomes a Creative Oasis calling for you to dive in and take a bite (or a nibble) of the Creativity Club Sandwich that has materialized before you. ~ Yes...creativity one bite at a time and sandwiched into our everday life. Delicious!
Like many of us, my artist-cyberfriend Leah is an "everyday creative" too. She's created her wildly successful and fun Creative Every Day 2008 project, which I am giddily thrilled to be a part of! - Leah's project has grown from being held once a year, to an ongoing project throughout 2008. Thank you, Leah! You can click on over to her site...and check it out!
One more thing, can someone please help me...? Do you know why there's a bluish tint in the background of my photos? And, can you tell me how I can fix it? I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks!

May 26, 2008

Mountainous Whimsy! (CED 2008)

Oh what fun
"creating on the fly" is! Giving myself a limited time in the spirit of play...and who knows what will show up. This is another creation on blank dayplanner paper. So, now I'm caling these "Dayplanner Doodles".
Thank goodness for portable creativity! Some people carry books on their daily commute (which I alternate those :) but often I carry markers or colored pens, and blank paper in my dayplanner; and..I have an extra stash of markers at work for when I'm on the phone and on "hold". My friend Pattie calls those "Phone Doodles". It's a beautiful thing... to take a minute here and there to draw without mental investment in the do it for creativity's sake...and to delight our creative spirit.
Sometimes I look at this dayplanner doodle, and it feels a little it could walk in all directions that IS creepy!..yikes! other times it feels like fun that has broken out all big party! (What does it look like to you?) - And that eye at the's watching over us to remind have fun, be creative, take time to smell the flowers...and give ourselves permission for all of this ...and more. Give it a try...see what you come up with doodling a little bit here, a little bit there...and if you'd like to share it...I'd love to see it!
This is entry #2 for Inspire Me Thursday, click here to see #1. This also doubles as an entry for Leah's inspiring project: Creative Every Day 2008 (click to see it).

May 23, 2008

The Color Purple

Now this is the Art in Every Day I'm talking about! This beauty welcomes our

appreciation of it. It was a wondrously, glorious and beautiful day to celebrate Nature's beauty at the Lilac Festival

Who would have thought there are so many different varieties and shades of lilacs!
The wind was blowing when I took that first photo...but even though it's a little makes it easier for you to smell the lilac's windblown fragrance...right?

Appreciating and sharing Mother Nature's jewels is another way to honor being Creative Every Day*. The Lilac Fest donned bountiful, fragrant and numerous varieties of lilacs.
We heard lots of "ooos" and "ahhhs"...and we were giddy as we stopped to "smell the flowers". The clear blue sky and Spring breeze werethe perfect backdrop to show off these lilacious gems!

Isn't this one gorgeous! Its color is a pinkish purple, and the flowers grow elongated on the branch vs. in clusters like the others.

Nature's beauty knows no boundaries... it overflows...and grows. What a gift to have such beauty around us.

Thank you God, thank you Universe, thank you Spirit, thank you Mother Nature, thank you Father Sun...thank you... thank you... thank you...for this captivating slideshow of your creativity.
*Click that link above,or the badge on my sidebar to see Leah's "Creative Every Day 2008" project -

A Smile of Whimsy

Isn't it interesting that oftentimes the most quirky, fun and fun creative activity comes on a "whim"? You know...
when you decide in the blink of an eye to pick up a marker and squiggle something? ..or you let your hands do what they will and it delights your senses? ...without a left-brained thought? Now fun!
That's what happened with this "A Smile of Whimsy" mandala. I created it while doodling on a sheet from my Franklin-Covey dayplanner. It might've been while I was on "hold" during a phone call. I created a section in my planner with blank paper just for just the purpose of capturing my creative whims....and I'm so glad I did!'s a perfect fit for this week's theme of "Whimsy" at Inspire Me Thursday click here to see whimsical entry #2 - wow, this was fun!
I find it delightful that certain shapes, colors and a feel of movement in a piece just makes me smile from deep inside. That's why this is "A Smile of Whimsy"...and I'm happy to share it with you! Here's to a day filled with whimsical smiles...from the inside, out!

May 15, 2008

Dancing Heart

Wow! Does it feel good to be back in the Land of Blog. I feel refreshed, and feel myself renewing more each day. You know how it is when you need a break from something...and the time away can sometimes allow you to appreciate that thing even more? That's what this time has been for me. Visiting your blogs during this time kept me plugged-in creatively; so thank you for blogging your creative pursuits and your's a beautiful golden thread that keeps us woven together in spriit.
...And...what better way to re-enter the blogosphere than with the creative promptings of Muse Melanie of Inspire Me Thursday... with the theme of "Doors"....and what better doorway than the heart. Feeling it, listening to it, and heeding it. When I do that life's doors open to me...Life itself opens it's arms wider; when I push too hard...the door's opening isn't as wide. When I let the door of my heart bekon me to it's promptings, (i.e. nurturing myself) everything falls into place. The heart in this mandala is's an emerging, dancing heart! It's a celebratory, radiating heart...and its door is open...and for that I am thankful.
Thank you to Krissie, Beverly , and Karin - your loving comments on my post yesterday opened my heart's door even more! You all are awesome!

May 13, 2008

Thank you - I'll be back!

Hi everyone,
I know it's been a while since I've posted...and my posting patterns have changed a bit...but I will be back! Thank you everyone who's posted a comment, or e-mailed me asking if I'm coming back :) I assure you that I am. Balance, harmony, wholeness, and being present to the moment, inner-listening...all of these I've been working with more intently in my off-line life; I'll be sharing that with you as I begin to post again, more regularly. Thank you all for staying tuned-in to me...and I'll continue to staying in touch with what you're up to via your blogs too. I thank you for your creative inspiration and kindred spirits that continue to share with me.

With love...