October 16, 2007

Green Oasis Mandala

This Green Oasis Mandala provides respite for my soul. Its colors and shapes, and its Center Oasis, or eye, invites me to go deep into its presence of wholeness, freedom, peace...and bliss. I hear whispers beckoning me to "just let go" and rest. This mandala is a haven for me, and of all the mandalas I've made, this is the first one that has affected me this way. This intuitive art-making is truly a fascinating journey. I never know what's going to show up on the page, and I find that refreshing and gratifying. Yes, Intuition knows just what she's doing... so I curtsy to her as well as the the Oasis inside this mandala...and the Oasis inside of me...and I say thank you. Yes, I let the mandala medicine have it's way with me...I just Let it Be.
Mandala #77

October 13, 2007

Inpire Me Thursday: Hats Off!

This week at Inspire Me Thursday we are prompted to put on our creative caps and be inspired by...HATS! "Make a hat, alter a hat, draw a hat, paint a hat, or whatever else your creative genius may conjure up."
I immediately thought of the fun, easy, breezy hats I love to wear during the summer...and while on vacation in sunny places. This photo was taken not that long ago while in Jamaica with friends...in Ocho Rios to be exact. That's me in the floppy hat and jeans shorts, and Deb in black wearing her very cool baseball cap. Boy did we all have fun on that trip! One reason I like summer hats is because they help shield us a bit from the hot sun**. And, I don't know why but wearing summer hats stirs up fun, freedom and yes...playfulness within me. So, here's "hats off" to all three...and to you too!
**I must share this healthful tip with you in case you want to give it a try...plus, you know I can't keep good stuff to myself! (You can click on the purple text, which is linked to the site) -- As you know hats don't protect us from the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun, but MelanSol® 100% Natural Sunscreen does. And better yet, MelanSol® does NOT contain any of the harmful cancer-causing chemicals that are present in many (if not all) of the popular, mainstream sunscreens. A bonus is that I'm enjoying its anti-aging benefits, and since the sun's harmful rays are ever-present rain, overcast or shine, I now use it as my year round facial moisturizer. My skin has a healthier glow and I feel good that I'm providing natural, healthy nourishment for it. Others notice too, as I frequently receive compliments! Most important, MelanSol® is one more essential ingredient I've added to my recipe for healthy living. ~ It's primarily available online at the offical MelanSol® website from which you can receive a free sample here. "Hat's off" to enjoying the sun, safely.

October 9, 2007

Squiggly Sunburst Mandala

these emerging squiggles always delight me! This was the second mandala of this kind. The first one was the Diamond Drum. They both found their way into my mandala journal this summer. I love the way they energize me with their their exuberant & colorful bursts of energy. Each one wiggling and then bursting mid-stream...popping with life! Seeing this reminds me of the radiant energy that's at my center...and yours, and it feels good! It brightens me up and makes me smile. So...here's to my smiles & yours....and to letting our true colors shine through...in every day...and in all seasons.
Mandala 69