December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

I AM THE NEW YEAR. - I am unused, un-
spotted, without blemish, I stretch before you 365 days long. I will present each day in its turn; a new leaf In the book of life for you to place upon it your imprint.
I AM THE NEW YEAR. - Each hour of every day, I will give you 60 minutes that h
ave never known the use of man...white and pure I present them; It remains for you to fill them with 60 jeweled-seconds of love, hope, endeavor, patience, and trust.
I AM THE NEW YEAR. - I am coming...but once past, I can never be recalled. Make me your best!
~~(Author, unknown, but very appreciated!)
This is one of my favorite declarations/poems/inspirations (this is one of a few versions). May we all receive from this what what speaks to us the most...and may these whispers be our companion as we begin a new page of a new chapter in the book of our day, one moment, one breath at a time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
(P.S. As usual, the Mystical Mandala Medicine continues to inform me of my inner-life. I had no idea this mandala would evovle into a Christmas-ornament/holiday spirt energy. Hmm...I've got more of the Christmas spirit that I realized. -- This mandala. I created this in early December. -- (Submitted to Inspire Me Thursday "Holiday" prompt.)

Meet Kamaria!

I'd like you to meet Kamaria. She's my beautiful, generous, witty, courageous daughter that I talk about in the "Tag!" post below. So.. here are a few quick morsels about her:
1. She's a stitch! She's very funny...and will have you laughing before you know it, whether she's discussing real life, or telling a funny story.. it's that no-nonsense, quick-witted-clarity that is just so genuine and can't help but love her.
2. She's creative, in an "inventor" type of way. At age 13 she created a pully-device in her bedroom which she could operate while lying in bed. The purpose of this contraption? To turn off the light switch without her having to get out of bed! She and my dad were bosom buddies...and often made things together in his wood shop. No wonder she loved the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!..that Dick Van Dyke was always inventing something!
3. Oh my gosh, Kamaria is really good a paradies! She comes up with them in the blink of an eye. In Jr. High, whenever there was tension with a classmate...she'd come home and write a parody based one of the popular songs of the day...using one of the trouble-makers names, and creating lyrics that would just make them...back-off! They were so stunned, they had no come-back...(it kinda messed with their mind) they just left her alone. Oh, how powerful our mind is...using words and ingenuity as a neutralizer.
4. Kamaria made it her business to graduate from college in three years, she's now wrapping up her Masters in Corporate & Mass Communications. Her undergrad was in Radio, TV and Film, with a minor in Spanish.
5. She likes music, puzzles, bowling, trying new things; she likes to create/build things, do stuff around the house i.e. cutting the grass, and...she & friends recently layed laminiate wood in her living room; and she's always fine-tuning her vision of what she wants to do in her home...and her life. These are just a few things that she likes.
6. Kamaria is family oriented. When I visit her...I hang out with her and her friends...we have a good time!
What I'm most proud of is...that she's a good person. She's a caring, giving, thoughtful, compassionate Soul. I am so thankful that we've been so blessed to be in this life together, as mom and daughter. I just love her!

Tag! ...I'm "it"

My friend Megan, of A Month of Todays has tagged me..I don't normally do these...but..what the heck....'tis the season. Here's how this works...I post 7 random tidbits, fact or fiction, about myself... and then three tag others to do do the same... goes:
1. I have a beautiful, creative, witty and courageous daugter...she'll soon be 25 years of age.
2. I always wanted to be a school teacher, but was discouraged by another teacher in the 70s due to the surplus of teachers. I would've specialized in English/Language Arts...
3. I'm a Certified Empowerment Coach (aka Life Coach) - a 2003 graduate of IPEC; added to that in 2006 with Jill Badonsky's Creativity Coaches Training; however, my day-job is in broadcast advertising with the ABC Television Network.
4. I've written about 20 poems
5. I majored in Clothing & Textiles in school
6. In 1998 I ran a half-marathon, 2 hours, 12 minutes
7. I'm a homebody
...The End...
So now..I'm tagging: Krissie of Message in a Bottle, Karin of Creative Chaos and Annie of Journey Through Life, and Beverly of Embrace Your Gifts & Soar!
If you decide to participate, here's the way it works: In a post on your blog, link to the person who tagged you (that would be me) and share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself...or make them up(!)...who would know? Then tag 3 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs, along with "the way it works." Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Hope you find some fun with this.

December 11, 2007

Intentions: In Living Color

Once again...I'm inspired by Krissie's post at her blog, Haiku in a Bottle...I just love it! So I decided to share a Haiku of mine too. Thank you Krissie...and the creators of Haiku Therapy, and Haiku: One Deep Breath.

As the sun rises in this mandala, I reflect on my perinneal intention to live a loving, healthy, fulfilled, joyful and creative life. One that is filled with beauty, color and fun...sprinkled with an abundance of "loved ones" & my family of friends...this means you! Ahh, I am indeed...wealthy. Life is good..
"Our intentions are

the atmosphere in which we
live our truth out loud"
.'s to living out loud!!...and in living color!

December 4, 2007

Now You See it, Now You Don't

Inspire Me Thursday's "Paradox" Challenge:
Creating intuitively...heck, living intuitively is my prefered way of travel while on this this yellow brick road we call... "life". -- I began this mandala with a few random, intuitive strokes the other night ...just to do a little something creative and colorful before going I went to bed. -- The second night I decided to add a dab of red in the middle..just a few strokes...then off to bed. -- The next night it caught my eye while I added more red...first on the lower-right. Oooo! I liked that! And...then the upper arc...then the lower-left portion begged for red's attention. The next thing I knew I had the red planet, Mars...peaking from behind geometric windows of apple green, indigo and shades of violet....or did I? Where'd it go?!! It was there a minute ago! --Arrrrgg!! -- Oh..there is is! "Now you see it ...Now you don't"...Must be a paradox!
Soooo...what do YOU see?