January 9, 2008

Believe! ~ Defying Gravity!

Whispers from my heart gently, yet strongly sing out...
"Believe". Yes,
"believe" is the guiding intention that's trumpet-
ing me into this new year; and in its wake I hear the words..."dream bigger"..."believe in the possibility...infinite possibilities. Just believe, Cheryl!?
What a gift! I know that living in and from that consciousness..allowing it to further blossom within my Being...yields an abundant harvest of love, health, well-being, joy and creativity. Years ago Emily Dickinson wrote, "I dwell in possibility". That's wise counsel even today. To dare to dwell in the possibility of what can be. Ahh...the anchoring contentment of living from that space of infinite possibilities, and "allowing" life to unfold. My heart speaks to, and teaches me from its sacred spaces of non-resistence and possibilities. Yes...we're beginning a new chapter in our Book of Life...365 new pages...each day a blank page of possibilities to fill.
This mandala invites me into its mystical center, beckoning me to cross its threshold and enter its exhilarating, transformative Realm of Pure Potentiality...where Infinite Possibilities await our acceptance. So...here's to living in and from our personal Land of Oz...Defying Gravity along the way. I invite you to join me; and..
to get us off to a soaring and roaring start, here's inspiration for Defying Gravity...direct from the spell-binding cast of Wicked! click here.
So, I ask..."How will you defy gravity this year?" As for me, I'm allowing myself to really believe! ~ Believe I can: restore health & balance, get to bed earlier, balance my checkbook, dance in the rhythm of life...and create my home as a portrait of my heart...and my art; and to remember to "dwell in possibility" of what can be, believe in myself and the goodness of others...in each moment. Here's to us - defying gravity - and traveling as light as a feather.