March 4, 2008

Ladders to the Sun

Hi everyone! I miss you all! I'm ridin' the waves of my many creative passions. Once again my mandala medicine is my North Star. I made this one in November, and several days later I noticed the ladder-looking image...leading to the greater illumination, health, joy, order and beauty...whatever I am needing.

Whew! I'm determined to balance my creative passions as well as other facets of my many things I like to do! Barbara Sher says those of us who like to do a million different things that we are "renaisssance souls" and talks about this in her book, "
Refuse to Choose", which is on it's way to me now! Anyway, I am in SoulCollage® mode now (you can see one of my latest cards here) and loving it. It's what my soul is thirsty for right now. I am making it more a part of my daily/weekly life: making cards, doing readings, discovering more about myself and working through parts that are challenging or try to dominate my life. For instance my "creative/artist part" has been dominating for a long time, and it's time let the part of me that is supposed to handle the business/home-caring of living take center stage. SoulCollage® is unique and helping me balance that out, so I'll be making a card to honor that part of me...and allowing those two parts of myself have a conversation; it's so interesting to work it out this way! I've become my own art therapist!

Creating mandalas is still a part of my menu of practices. Their illuminating power is, as you know they're relaxing and fun to just let go and "color and play inside the circle". Please keep me posted on the mandalas you make! Just in case you need a refill, here's my prescription for mandala medicine. Happy creating!