December 11, 2007

Intentions: In Living Color

Once again...I'm inspired by Krissie's post at her blog, Haiku in a Bottle...I just love it! So I decided to share a Haiku of mine too. Thank you Krissie...and the creators of Haiku Therapy, and Haiku: One Deep Breath.

As the sun rises in this mandala, I reflect on my perinneal intention to live a loving, healthy, fulfilled, joyful and creative life. One that is filled with beauty, color and fun...sprinkled with an abundance of "loved ones" & my family of friends...this means you! Ahh, I am indeed...wealthy. Life is good..
"Our intentions are

the atmosphere in which we
live our truth out loud"
.'s to living out loud!!...and in living color!


Krissie said...

Look I really want to thank you for alerting me to this wonderful site and the idea that haiku can be used a healing tool. I ahd never written a haiku or even knew what one was before I joined one deep breath site and looked by accidnet, and discovered a new world!! within a few weeks I had written a few haikus and loving it!
Thank you for your encouragement and your mandala colours in thsi post have a lot of purple in them which I think means spiritual, which is what you are Cheryl and a great motivator and mentor! I really appreciate your words and wisdom.

Krissie said...

ps - my typos are chronic due to rushing along the keyboard! lol!

megan said...

another truth-telling mandala from you...i love the coil of energy that's supporting your intentional life from just below the surface. and i really love the quote! I've copied it down to sit with.

Kara said...

You left me a comment long ago and I'm following the link to leave you this comment and WOW! I love this site I should have come here long ago. I used to do mandalas - oh so many years ago......but I looked at your lastest posts and now I want to run into my studio and go draw a mandala. Thanks for the inspiration.

eslina said...

Another beautiful mandala. Ir's really great how the mandala you create somehow relates to the message you are trying to convey. They are very inspiring too. It lets the audience pause & think which I find very meaningful too. :D

Journey Through Life said...

I LOVE this one, Cheryl! And continue to admire how you can do these by hand!

Krissie said...

All the best of the festive season to you Cheryl... if you are here reading then I wish you all the best!! See you in the new year...and hope all is well with you? hugs krissie

megan said...

Cheryl...Pattie tagged me for a fun little "random facts about me" thing. Hoping you'll join in. Click here to see what's going on

Cheryl Finley: said...

Krissie, Megan and Annie...and All, Thank you for stopping by and leaving a message for me. You all my creative journey a full one. You are all beautiful, gifted, and generous souls.
May your new year and beyond be prosperous for you, and your loved ones :)

love to you all...