September 11, 2007

Tangerine Mango Mandala

Inspire Me Thursday's creative prompt this week is using a "Limited Palette". We were asked:
"What colors surround you most… what colors repeatedly draw you in… what colors symbolize what is going on in your life right now?"

Well..."mango" has resonated with me for over a year now. It's been "cantaloupe mango"...and these shades feel like a "tangerine mango" to me. I've been so passionate about Mango that I named my home creative space my "Magical Mango Studio". It's sweet, furry mascot is my Mango Kitty, Ike. fabulously talented artist-friend Pattie Mosca created Magical Mango Kitty to grace the wall of my mango-colored studio (oh, be sure to see the 2nd photo of the finished kitty). So...there was no doubt what my choice would be for this Thursday Inspirational prompt... Mango Mandala Madness! After partaking of my mandala medicine, I found it very interesting and amusing to look at this mandala "all the way around" so I posted three more views separately, below. This one is what resonated with me most, although the horizon view, as I call it, was a close second. May you enjoy this bit of tangerine-mango today.

(Using Prismacolor markers is a completely different creative experience vs. using my Crayola Super Tips...which I love those too. Mandala #74)


stacy said...

the "hmmm, a different way..." view reminds me of an undersea volcano giving birth to a new island in the pacific.

it's amazing what a quarter turn will do!

Royce Addington: said...

You exude Mango Mandala Magic!!!
What I 'see' here is a fabulous design for a batik-type fabric.
It has such depth and organic beauty! Can't you just 'see' it as a table cloth, outside...under a big canopied tree with golden fall light filtering through the branches and a huge wooden bowl in the center of the table filled with, what else, MANGOS!

carla said...

Beautiful! The shades of mango and tangerine are so warm and juicy, and the various views below really do prove that viewpoint can change concept!

Journey Through Life said...

You are so talented, Cheryl! This is fantastic. My colours change constantly at the moment. Some days several times a day. I seem to have three or four mandalas on the go and gravitate to whichever one reflects my mood at the time. I used to have a favourite colour but I don't anymomre. Things have shifted for me!
Beautiful work!

Garden girl said...

such happy happy warm colours cheryl, they exude good feelings good vibes.

Rather a tropical delight!

ps My hairdressers here is called mangoes salon, and it too has a nice feel to it!

Julia said...

So bright ! It gives me a happy feeling to look at it :)

megan said...

You are mango magic! I look at this & see your heart on the right side, full of brightly colored seeds, each one abuzz with spirited ideas and they're floating out into space so we can see them!

Cheryl said...

I, too, have a mango kitty (Lenny). He just finished scolding me loudly, as if to remind me that it's time to get busy on my mandalas! I love your choice of palette here, and I think the horizon view might be my favorite orientation.

Lisa said...

How I love visiting your blog and seeing your mandalas. I haven't spent much time making art lately but I see mandalas everywhere. They penetrate my heart and mind.

I look forward to some time spent creating a few.

In the meantime, I will enjoy yours.

Deb G said...


Cheryl Finley: said...

Stacy, Royce, Carla, Journey, Garden Girl, Julia, Lisa, Megan, Cheryl and Deb G..and other creative souls who come by: Thank you! I'm so glad you can bask in the atmosphere of Mango with me. Reminds me of SARK's book "Eating Mangoes Naked"..and to all of us out there with mango kitties.. aren't they great?!!

Lea Antonio said...

Your mandalas are so energizing and kinetic. The colors just make me feel warm and toasty.

sharryb said...

Hi Cheryl,
After seeing you featured in Soul Songs again, I hopped over to browse. I love the colors in this mandala. They fit for me as the last sunny days of summer shorten, shorten, shorten. Thanks for this lovely image to keep me warm.