Mystical Mandala Journey

It's been five months since I began my Mystical Mandala Journey. I'm 76 mandalas deep into this soothing and revealing soul-homeopathic remedy that I call Mandala Medicine.
In this time I've seen recurring symols and themes in the mandalas I've made, which I've linked to as follows: There're the eyes, the V-like symbols, the squiggly lines, color explosions, as well as fun & games, to name a just a few...all of them revealing more insights into myself, more opportunities to see and grow, and listen; more chances to share, inspire, and to be inspired. I've witnessed Mandala Medicine make a difference in the lives of people, as mentioned in the wonderful comments, and in my post on Making Your Own Mandala Medicine.
It's been a fascinating journey. I appreciate every single one who has come and joined in this Mystical Mandala Journey, for it is truly "Our Journey"...and I'm blessed, honored and thrilled to be sharing it with such talented, caring, generous, creative, supportive and inspiring people. YOU make it fun and inspiring for me; and I look forward to the next 76+ mandalas, mine and well as whatever your heart and soul decides to create, and share.
I also want to thank Muse Melanie, creator of Inspire Me Thursday. Melanie, through your vision and commitment to living a creatively inspired life, you have broadened the horizons of my life exponentially with an opportunity to expand, be inspired, and be a part of a growing family of art-inspired friends and muses from all over the world! Thank you for opening the portals of your imagination to us.
Godspeed...and I thank you all for being in my life...indeed, this means YOU!
(Mandala #49)


Everydaythings said…
Cheryl, blogs like yours and others like inspire me thursday etc all make a huge difference in our creative lives! They inspire, cheer and heal our lives so please keep on inspiring us, blogs like these are like gold!
you and others like you make a huge difference and impact so positively in the life of others, porbably without even realising how much.
Everydaythings said…
oh ps.....looking forward to more mandala medicine and more inspiring thoughts and ideas!
Lisa said…
Love your mandalas. I've been making some here and there but, for some reason, haven't yet shared them. I'll have to do that. :) Thanks for your inspiration...all the time!
Anonymous said…
I just found your blog and love the mandalas. My husband made a whole bunch last year and we even made some glitter mandalas with our daughter awhile back. You inspire me to make more! P.S. Do you have an ideas for what to do with them once you complete them? Cut out the circle and put it on something or hang them or?
The Dream said…
Talk about staying power on a journey - well done, indeed!
Cheryl Finley said…
Hi Amy,
Oooo, your question is a juicy one. When I have these questions I plant little seed-questions for my muse to work on...she loves it when I do that!
Currently I have my mandalas in a spiral journal. They are a self-discovery/exploration tool for me; although I do intend to make prints (via my jpegs,or photos) and frame a few of them when the time is right. I've also made one-of-a-kind note cards. The possibilities are endless, and good opportunity to dance with your "magical muse". Please let me know what you do!
Cheryl Finley said…
P.S. Here's a "MuseFlash" (from my muse): You can go to and many of the online picture development companies i.e., etc., as well as Kinko's or Staples;they can make calendars, books, note cards from your artwork, posters, mugs for you. Then you can see your "Art in Every Day" ...every day!

Thanks for your question!It got my muse all excited, and inspired me too! I think I'll make a calendar for 2008! I can't wait to hear what you make. : )
Cheryl Finley said…
Krissie & Lisa,
Thank you so much for your inspiring,generous and thoughtful comments. The "gold" truly is the wonderful kindred family that we all evolve into, authored by our own Creative Spirit & our love for creative expression. I am so glad we are all here together!
Annie Z said…
My mandalas have taken a bit of a back seat lately. But you have inspired me to get back into them again! The mandala journey is a wonderful one to be on and you are so good at them.
Cheryl Finley said…
Hi Annie,
I'm glad you're on the mandala journey too! And...all in our own timing. I have spurts of making them...just goin' with the flow. And..remember, we can make them smaller i.e. a small-medium size jar lid works nicely for mini-mandalas.