A Purrr-fect Evening

My Sacred Life:
As a part of winding down tonight, after a rather hectic day at work...and as
my kitty, Ike, was meowing away for my attention...I realized that giving him the attention he needed could also serve me as well...and it did. I grabbed his brush and we sprawled out in the living room floor...by the way he "luuuvs" to get brushed... and we just had a little Purr-fest. I'm brushing and he starts purring...my mind relaxes and I feel an inner-hum myself. It was a sacred, synchronistic dance. It was our "we time". It was rather meditative...the only sounds were that of his purring... oh so soothing...it was music to my ears and heart. A beautiful way to end the day. Thank you Ike.

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Everydaythings said…
Cheryl - he is soooo cute. Ilove the way cats show us how they appreciate a good brushing with their purrs, my old cat used to love to be brushed and I think he could just lie there purring for hours!! How old is Ike? He looks very alert and bright!
Annie Z said…
I love it when you post pictures of your ginger! My cats love to be brushed too and at this time of year, when they are shedding, I should be doing it regularly!
What a wonderful story. Those purrs do it every time!
Cheryl Finley said…
Cats are great aren't they? Ike is 8 years old, he is very alert and shy until he gets to know you.

I just love that you've got a ginger kitty too. It's great they love to be brushed. I don't do it regularly, but I'm thinking if I remember it's wind-down time for me as well...I'll do it more often and Ike and I will benefit. We'll see how it goes, with once or twice a week to start.
Leah said…
oh ike! what a cute face he has! :-) i've got my orange kitty in my lap right now. :-)
ethantan said…
Ike looks VERY adorable!!! :D

Ocean doesn't like to be brushed much though but I do brush him once in a while. What he really loves more is regular massage so I'll massage him whenever he asks for attention (which is quite often) ;D

Here's a pic of him:

He always twist and turn and try to look cute when he wants more food :D
Lynn Cohen said…
Cheryl I found your cat. Love orange kitty. We had our "Brand" as in Brand New Kitty for 14 years. He's been gone several now, and we now have or are had by Henry V.
Brand was very orange too!
shandy_9 said…
Purrs are incredibly peaceful and calming. I believe that the vibration and sound generated by a cat's purr has the power to heal both physically and emotionally. My three kitties loved to be brushed, too - and I cherish the time we spend together - one by one - without speaking - just the beautiful sound of happiness - in the form of many purrs! Love to both you and Ike!