Making your own Mandala Medicine

Creatimg mandalas is fun, easy, and reveals ourselves to ourselves in one way or another.
I love, love, love making them, sharing them, and encouraging others to do the same. That makes them an essential ingredient in My Sacred Life. They are my spirit "mandala medicine" as I now call it. Although, nothing needs to be ailing for me to benefit from this relaxing, and energizing form of creativity and self-discovery.
I've written my personal prescription for creating your own Mandala Medicine, at the end of a few posts, but today when I received the following e-mail from sister-blogger Kelly...I knew I wanted to make the Prescription a separate post so others can begin making their own and join in the fun, creativity and sharing of insights that come from this creative prescription. Kelly writes:
"Your mandalas really inspired me. You can tell yours are dancing and open to Spirit. That's what made me want to sit down and do one... the idea that there are no rules except to keep it kind of circular. :) Other mandala sites made me feel intimidated, but your site is encouraging everyone to try it. Thank you for that."
Thank you Kelly! I love it when things work together like this... inspiration begets inspiration! ...and "thank you everyone" who comes and shares your kindred spirits here.
Within the last few days I became aware of three people making mandalas who have stopped by this blog at some point. I was thrilled when Patti of Welcome to My Universe, left a comment saying she was going to make mandalas, and did she ever! That same day she made three, and then two more of late. From her blog I found Kelly's Kikipotamus the Hobo, she just made her first mandala a few days ago! And Annie of Journey Through Life loves the meditative experience of coloring mandalas, which I've not yet done..oh my goodness the possibilities are endless!
Here's my personal prescription for making your own Mandala Medicine..
Just draw or trace a circle (I use a CD)... and color, paint, or draw inside of it without giving it much thought...just choose what to do moment by moment....have fun...just'll get a feel for when it's complete. Be detached from its unintended mark or blob becomes another message; there are no mistakes. When you're done ...put it where you can see it and look at it every chance you get. Then make another one!! ...and put it so you can see it too. Repeat. Sooner or later they will speak to you in some way. Allow yourself to journal about your insights...and observations of the symbols, colors, how you felt in your body, and even what was going on in your life while creating your mandalas. Just let yourself be a vessel. All of this, especially in retrospect will be very clues to a mysterious, hidden treasure...which is YOU! - Also, you can dialogue with your mandala, as I've done with Sabrina. The mandalas we make offer insights beyond what's apparent to us. It's yet another form of intuitive have fun!
Check out the comments from bloggers below...they're having a good results from making their mandala medicine!
By the way, the above photo shows some of my mandala making supplies, along with a mandala in-process which is for a prompt from this week's Inspire Me Thursday.


Everydaythings said…
when I saw that basket filled with colouring goodies it made my heart soar! I love all that stuff...wish I had more room on my desk though for it and more! How exciting, more mandalas! I may be putting one on my blog tomorrow - was going to last week and got sidetracked.
Hi Cheryl, just wanted to say hello. I love the term mandala medicine. I've never looked at mandalas from that perspective but I can totally see that. You have a beautiful blog! Beverly
megan said…
Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl...your spirit is a teacher and a kind-hearted one at that. You have a gift for holding open a space and welcoming people in to explore who they just might be.

Yeah, Cheryl!
Stacy Wills said…
greetings! i found your blog through my friend's blog, and i just love that you are sharing your medicine. i'm a very big believer in mandala medicine - it's good for what ails ya and it's just plain good. i began making mandalas almost two years ago when i reconnected with my inner child. through the simple act of drawing a circle, i found my passion and have been following my bliss ever since.
patti said…
I love your enthusiasm for mandala medicine - you have certainly infected me and so many others with this creative and healing little bug! I will continue to make them cos I just can't keep away now. Thanks for the mention here on your blog. Eileen is also making them. (
Cheryl Finley said…
Hello sister-bloggers!
This is's mandala jubilation out here. Thank you all for sharing inspiration and encouragement..and for your kind, appreciative words; my heart is singing with glee!

I'm so glad you're here, you...and all those who are yet to come!
Carla said…
Cheryl, you know what would be amazing? If you came to one of my Women at Rest retreats and led a mini-workshop on mandala medicine. Because it sounds very therapeutic and restful to me. I've never made a mandala, but I color in coloring books all the time -- it's incredibly soothing and stress-reducing.
Cheryl Finley said…
That DOES sound amazing. Yes! I accept your invitation! I would love that! I look forward to see you in 2008 at one of your Women at Rest retreats. Sounds heavenly.

Thank you!
Annie Z said…
Mandala medicine! That's a great description. Very true!

Your descriptions of creating mandalas from scratch, as well as looking at your creations, are getting me think about having another bash at trying them from scratch myself. I'm not artistic in that way, but it's worth a go!

The Dream said…
Thank you for your comment. The mandala medicine worked! After a hugely frustrating day of NON-production, of chasing my tail creatively, I decided to join in on the mandala making - and now things are beginning to click for me again. Thank you!
Everydaythings said…
Just to add another of my two cents - I am beginning to think that mandalas serve 2 purposes..prob more, but to this untrained person I can only see 2 so far...

1. is to express what is happening in our life right now thru a mandala
2. draw a mandala of things that we are drawn to at that moment, which is trying to express some hidden message or meaning that we need to adress in our life.
Cheryl Finley said…
Ahh..the Mandala Medicine IS working, as The Dream has reported, it helped her thru a creative slump! Journey Through Life is ready to make them from "scratch"!...and Garden Girl has already listed insights in how using them can help her. Wow-wee!

This is the beauty...insights come! The Mandala Medicine works...and its side effects..or side benefits I should say are cummulative! It gets richer and richer! Life is Good!
Cheryl Finley said…
To: The Dream...
Oh no...I can't find you online! What's your blog address?
Cheryl said…
Oh Cheryl, thank you so much for this post! I think I may have been infected with Mandala Madness! I must get started! And I had planned on cleaning off my art table and putting some things away... Now, where are the Women at Rest retreats held? I'm off to check Carla's blog...
Anonymous said…
Your work is so inspiring!
I have been drawing all my life and am a member of several online groups where we make and trade ATC's and such. I have done Zentangles before but haven't exactly done these, know I can't wait to get caught up with my swaps and get all my Christmas decorations put up so I can try some of these.

Thanks so much for sharing~
migraine treatments said…
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Merry Meet :)
I found this post (and your blog) while googling how to make mandalas and I really liked how you put it. I'm going to try and make one today. I will post it on my blog ( ) when I do, then I'll comment again when I do so you can see it if you like. I've never attempted, or thought of, making one before and I think it's something I will enjoy.
Blessed Be