Mandala 48 - The Enigma

Usually I have an idea about the message, or symbolism in the mandalas I make. This one is more of an enigma. I sense the "centered sight, and connection" but that's about it. So, this is yet another ingredient of Mandala Medicine: Sometimes it's about expressing and releasing, and understanding comes later. It's a lot like SoulCollage® in that way. So, when I'm ready I'll quiet myself and dialogue with this "Enigma". Hmm.. perhaps it symbolizes that part of me I've yet to discover or understand. Now there's some food for thought...huh?


Everydaythings said…
cheryl I love the 3D quality your mandalas have, that blue bit on the side, looks like its weaving in and out....Do you have a technique or is it just how they come out spontaneoulsy?
Cheryl Finley said…
Hi Krissie,
Thanks, I'm glad you like the 3D quality. Wish I could take credit for having "a technique", but I can't. It's all spontaneous, random, intutive..just "playing in the circle"... It's a side-benefit of Mandala Medicine!