My Sacred Life: Mandala Medicine

Carla's post tonight reminds me of the blessings of stillness and rest, and what leads me to inhabit them. Sometimes it's an intentional act of self-care, and sometimes it's induced by a shadowy mood in which I'm so exhausted that I have no choice but to let go, be still, and rest. Although the former is prefered, the latter is where I was when I created this mandala.

I discovered a few years go through a poem I'd written that sometimes we have to stop resisting and "rest in the unrest"...otherwise known as "surrender"...a nudging from Spirit for which I am deeply grateful. After making this mandala, I experienced relief. A sigh, like I'd finally outrun a dark cloud that threatened an inner-storm. It passed through me after a short while, and it left some gifts in its wake. A new dawning swept though me after that, and I then picked up more markers to create again. My heart was lightened. A new blossoming was born. Inspirations from my surroundings were keener to me.

I've decided to call my mandala work "mandala medicine" for that is indeed what it is. After making this mandala, that same evening this one and this one emerged. And a few days later this one. All of them glowing evidence that this mystical "mandala medicine" works. Indeed, it is an essential be taken as needed in My Sacred Life.

Update: Sister-bloggers are chiming-in with how mandala medicine is working for them! Check out the comments in the post, "Making your own Mandala Medicine".

(Mandala #46)


Anonymous said…
Great post! I think it's interesting that "speed" and "productivity" are both revered. Yet, so much can come out of rest and contemplation.
Everydaythings said…
Cheryl- the yellow bit in the middle looks like the 'third'eye rising of the moons shadow. Like you coming to 'know' something or realising something for the first time?(sorry amateur psych but thats what it looks like to me.
Cheryl Finley said…
Garden Girl,
You've given me something to think about! I appreciate your insights..and just maybe since that's your feeling of it...could that message be for you? Something to think about. :)

Karin, Yes I agree!
I'm all for the tortoise vs. the hare (no offense, sir hare)