Women for Women International

Being able to share what I have be it ideas, knowledge, patience, food or money, etc. ...pleases my soul immensely. A while back I decided to sponsor a "sister" through Women For Women International. Many of these women live in war-torn countries, have no electricity or indoor plumbing, and live in fear for their lives, and their children's lives. Women for Women Int'l provides these women support and education to create a better life.

Over the summer my first sponsoree/sister graduated from the program. She writes to let me know of her progress and success since she started the program. Her life has improved in the following ways: the general health of her and her family, ability to get timely medical care, sense of self-confidence, support network, relationship with husband, role as community leader, ability to decide which children got to school...and to send them; as well as her economic situation. That's a wonderful dividend for a heart-investment, and it's less than a dollar a day per month. Giving, indeed is the gift... to the giver as well as the receiver. Another ingredient of my sacred life.


megan said…
Cheryl...this is a wonderful post to read. I'm SO enjoying watching what's happening to you through your commitment to "My Sacred Life." People having positive impacts, creating chain reactions of the most desirable sorts. It's a delight (and an honor) to observe your pathfinding.

thank yoU

p.s. i mentioned you & your SoulCollage workshops at dot in time. Seemed like it fit right in...as though meant to be :-D The truth is I have a feeling someone in the Chicago area may be looking for just this experience!
Carla said…
That is so wonderful! Gave me goosebumps!
Annie Z said…
Giving is indeed a wonderful gift. You must be a wonderful sponsor!
Everydaythings said…
Cheryl - I've just nominated you for a Reflection Blogger award!! please see my blog for rules, buttons etc...
Cheryl Finley said…
Megan, Carla, Annie, and Krissie... I'm so glad I've got you all! With all my heart I appreciate the way you appreciate me, and my expression here. I certainly appreciate yours. Blogging just wouldn't be the same without you all...and the kindred spirits who come this way.

Megan, thanks for mentioning me and SoulCollage in your blog; and Annie thank you so much for the Award! I will write about it soon.