My Sacred Life: Surrender

"The creative process is about surrender, not control."
~ Julia Cameron

And, since living is a creative process... I honor the principle of surrender. It's funny that this quote came to me today since I just wrote about surrender two days ago. I love it when that happens, it's like the Universe is blowing me a kiss saying: "Here sweetie, this one's for you"! Yes...the release and power of surrender is indeed a haven, for that's when I get to flow with life rather than against it (i.e. unconsciously trying to impose my will on situations, people, places and things). Yep... "Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream"... It's the only way to go. Realizing this makes the moments that are my life... more full, textured and rich...and yes, sacred. is good!
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ah yes, surrender. There is great power in letting go of the need to control and trusting. Gosh, makes life a whole lot easier too! Beverly
megan said…
Hey, Cheryl...sitting here contemplating the opening to life that happens when we choose to see this moment...and this one...and this one. really enjoying your trail of notes on your sacred life!
Olivia said…
A great reminder, Cheryl, eliminating struggle, and striving, and forcing...
Annie Z said…
This post reminds me to be gentle with myself. Thank you.
Tanaya said…
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Tanaya said…
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