"The Peony: A Kiss of Bliss"

(double-click for a peony kiss!)

I am smitten.
Their beauty and presence intoxicates my soul...
...especially peonies like these:
feathery blooms,
....with a flirt of pink.
Yes, they've cast a spell over me.
They transport me to an "other" place.

Imbibing them visually, experiencing their presence...
is a kiss...of bliss.
A meditation of...
embodied gratitude.
A prayer answered.

They continue to sweep me away
to an "other" world....
It's a soul love affair.
* * *
If I were a flower...
I would be the Peony...
heavenly fragrant,
grace & beauty endlessly-unfolding.
A short-lived bloom....
and yet...
long-lived in the minds
and hearts
of those who knew me,
...a kiss...of bliss.
* * *
So...what flower would you be?


Hi from Mandala Oasis,
here are some of my peonies from Japan



megan said…
Cheryl....I was thinking about you yesterday and then...guess what....you visited my photoblog. Life is full of magic connections.

Great, as always, to hear from you and to see how your mandala expressions are evolving. It's good to know you are out there doing "good stuff." Thanks SO much for keeping in touch! Love/Megan
Cheryl - what a wonderful ode to a beautiful flower and pictures.
Cheryl, I'm right there with you about the peony. And that white one with a dash of pink is my favourite too. I call it 'raspberry ripple' after the ice cream. And although I've never thought about what flower I would choose to be - well, yes, if I could choose I would be a peony too!
Shelley said…
Gorgeous! I love peonies!
pattie said…
Mine have long since bloomed...but what a show they did give me! A kiss of bliss indeed!
Shayla said…
I agree. I've been craving them, don't have a garden and have been thinking of ordering a few from the florist. They're so decadent. If I was a flower? That changes depending on mood. Today I would be a Colombine.
Leah said…
Oh, I just love peonies!!! One of my absolute favorites.

If I were a flower, I'd be a ranunculus, many layered, yet delicate, rare, and sweet.
Finally got you link up...on both blogs. So glad to connect (and apologies for the delay).

Mark David
The Voice of Your Muse
New Earth Chronicles
Caroline said…
I just wrote a post on that a few weeks ago...I choose hyndrangea. They are so beautiful, complex yet simple. I love peonies too...and the smell! Heaven!
Deb G said…
I was browsing through my book marks and came to visit. I love peonies, but I think I'd be a pansy.
Unknown said…
Hi, I came over from Caroline's blog this morning. Am so in love with peonies also! I had to see yours!
What a wonderful flower! I love peony. They are definitely stunning. Thank you for sharing
Laura said…
What a joy to go backward in time this morning and view your lovely peonies. It was snowing here in NH when I woke up. The freshness, and heady scent of peonies are awakening a longing for spring before all the leaves have even found their winter's rest on the ground!

mrknaughty said…
nice work
kottavei said…
i am a white daisy....a true wildflower among roses! : )
John Kim said…
I'll need to plant some of these in my garden