June's Mandala Jubilation Gyrates into July!!

Inspire Me Thursday's creative prompt this week is "Seven" . After making this mandala yesterday, signing and dating it 7/7/07...I knew this was my entry!
June's Mandala Jubilation was so marvelous that I'm going with the flow and letting it gyrate through the month of July! I've been so enthralled in this art as self-discovery...as spiritual practice that I'm just now stopping to post. It's been and energizing and amazing process. I've created 24 mandalas since my last post about a month ago...and more important the number I've made is what these beauties reveal to me about myself; much like my SoulCollage® cards - they're pieces of my own personal treasure map...created by my psyche...my soul. All of them have been created spontaneously...no plan...just pure spirit shining through...playing in the circle..detached from what it will look like. Another one added to the Mandala Suit of my SoulCollage® Deck.
Maybe you'll be inspired to give it a whirl...and see what imagery is deep within you waiting to whisper its wisdom in your ear. Creating them is simple... just draw or trace a circle... and color or draw inside of it without giving it much thought...just choose what to do moment by moment....have fun...just play...you'll get a feel for when it's complete. Be detached to its outcome...an unintended mark or blob becomes another message; there are no mistakes. When you're done...put it where you can see it and look at it every chance you get. Then make another one!! ...and put it so you can see it too. Sooner or later they will speak to you in some way...and the message will likely be very synchronistic. I have a girlfriend who can attest to this! She emailed me just yesterday telling me of her delight at her mandala's message...and how at first she didn't feel anything from it...then POW! ...it hit her. If you do decide to make one...and care to share it...I (and others) would love to hear about it... just drop me an e-mail, located at my profile. (You can also browse other methods for creating mandalas under "Links that Inspire Creativity".)
This is mandala #63 and it says to me: Your single-pointed focus of your intention, and the stillness you cultivate within yourself pierces through all of the lovely, colorful, and numerous distractions in your daily life, and it escorts you to a place of simple pleasures, calm waters within where your single-pointed intention...as sharp and precise as a razor's edge...ripples out into your inner and outer worlds...shaping it, creating your experience as you see and feel and know it to be in your heart...in your consiousness. Remember you have the power to do that, as it's available to everyone. You single pointed intention and focus reveals itself as your life. It's how you hit your target...creating the life you envision..of your heart's desire; and always remember... there is joy in the journey.
Make it a creative day!


Lea Antonio said…
Thanks for the instructions. My daughter and I have decided to make one together. Very vibrant!
The colors are stunning and very vibrant. Stunning!
megan said…
Cheryl...wow! I really liked this one...just responding to it visually...the colors and the energy are so clear and strong. Then I read your post & liked it even more, especially the part about going inside to find our center and creating our heart's desires from that still, but VERY alive pinpoint of consciousness. Thanks for the reminder!
Royce Addington said…
In honour of your 07.07.07 focus; here are 7 responses to your work:
1. Brilliant!
2. Distinctive!
3. Exceptional!
4. Beautiful!
6. Extraordinary!
7. Spiritually Vibrant!!
May I also extend a BRAVO for your work being featured in Jill Badonsky's latest 'The Muse Is In' Newsletter!
Royce Addington said…
Oops...where was #5!?!

5. Authentic!
Your heart and soul shine through!
Cheryl said…
Cheryl, thank you for continuing to inspire me!
Your mandalas are certainly a circle of continuous growth and discovery for you...You know how much I love doing them!! Keep going you are on such a wonderful inspirational wave!
Anonymous said…
This is wonderful! I love your mandalas and look forward to each and everyone of them. The colors are great and I love the way you have created different perspectives and angles.:D
Deb G said…
Your mandalas are wonderful. I love how in the moment they are.
Leah said…
it was so fascinating to read about your experience with mandalas! there happens to be a mini mandala of sorts in my piece for IT this week too!