Bold & Vibrant Vision!

This week's creative challenge at Inspire Me Thursday is to

The elegant, gracious spirit of this mandala says to me:

I Am the part of you who has bold, beautiful vision and sees vibrant, colorful, and audacious new horizons for you...right now! ...and I always will!

I Am the part of you who surfs the waves of gracefulness, passion and boldness like nobody's business!!!!

I Am the one within you who knows that... "The beauty of life is in the eye of the one bold enough to behold it!"

I behold you as the apple of my eye & heart. I know your life is filled with the vibrancy, the vigor and the aplomb of Spirit! I want you to keep riding those waves, and continue to "see" your bold, beautiful, colorful life of love, wholeness and beauty. It is yours right now!

Mandala #59


Beautiful sentiment...Beautiful colors...Beautiful post...CONTINUE TO BE BOLD CHERYL...IT SUITS YOU!
Royce Addington said…
I LOVE that you are 'surfin' BOLD!
In the mind's eye, I can 'see' you standing tall, with arms in the air as you ride that wave to shore! Your surfboard has this symbol-design on the surface and you stand right in the center of it! And you're having FUN!FUN!FUN!
Laura said…
Oooh nice! I especially love the way you've done the eyelashes.
Deb G said…
Love this one!
Cheryl said…
Both the words and the mandala are bold and beautiful! Thanks again for another inspiring submission.
Love the colors. I can see the eye fluttering her eylashes. Beautiful.
lee said…
I totatly love this, the colours just hit you and the eye, really great work
megan said…
You have such a gift for color...and you GIVE such a gift of color. The energy jumps through it. Makes me smile & remember what the real stuff is. And...aplomb of spirit is an inspired little group of words. Thank yoU!
Cheryl Finley said…
To all Muses who've commented here,

I thank you so very much for your inspiring and generous comments. They enliven me even more to keep my self-expression through art-making alive...which of course would NOT be the same if we couldn't all share in the joy of one another's creative journey.

Thank you again! I am so abundantly blessed!
Anonymous said…
I love your idea of Soul Collages. I have taught similar workshops which I call Creativity Prescriptions. Here's to being creative. Cheers, C.
Wow Cheryl! I love love love this bold piece. The eye image appears again - and it is piercing! Really very very good.