Intention's Journey

This mandala represents the inward journey of my intention. By introducing my heart-felt intention at the rim of my travels toward the Center...and when I am completely
"at One" with it, it physically blossoms into my world.
One Spring morning during my quiet time, this Haiku poem on Intention emerged to greet me. Its simple beauty is contemplative and empowering...and reminds me of my role in my own life.


Our intentions are

the atmosphere in which we

live our truth out loud

Mandala #40


Royce Addington said…
Your intentions are a soft breeze
on a warm July morning
that perfume the atmosphere
with possibility...
to creatively live
our truth out loud.
Cheryl Finley said…
You are an amazing breath of fresh air...always graciously imparting mystic words and images of inspiration, beauty and peace.

My blogs wouldn't be the same without you! Thank you!