Dancing Heart

Wow! Does it feel good to be back in the Land of Blog. I feel refreshed, and feel myself renewing more each day. You know how it is when you need a break from something...and the time away can sometimes allow you to appreciate that thing even more? That's what this time has been for me. Visiting your blogs during this time kept me plugged-in creatively; so thank you for blogging your creative pursuits and your lives...it's a beautiful golden thread that keeps us woven together in spriit.
...And...what better way to re-enter the blogosphere than with the creative promptings of Muse Melanie of Inspire Me Thursday... with the theme of "Doors"....and what better doorway than the heart. Feeling it, listening to it, and heeding it. When I do that life's doors open to me...Life itself opens it's arms wider; when I push too hard...the door's opening isn't as wide. When I let the door of my heart bekon me to it's promptings, (i.e. nurturing myself) everything falls into place. The heart in this mandala is happy...it's an emerging, dancing heart! It's a celebratory, radiating heart...and its door is open...and for that I am thankful.
Thank you to Krissie, Beverly , and Karin - your loving comments on my post yesterday opened my heart's door even more! You all are awesome!


Anonymous said…
Welcoming your heart with open arms my friend. So happy to see and hear that your rest has done you good! This is indeed a very happy day not only for you, but for all of us who love your heart's messages and art.
Everydaythings said…
Cheryl, your mandala is reflecting your feelings, you look like youve come alive again!!! maybe its cos of spring? I love that heart, how powerful is your mandala!!!!
Hey Cheryl...love the color and aliveness of this mandala! Welcome back lady....lots of hugs and warmth to you! Bev
Helen Burton said…
Hi Cheryl:

You sound renewed and looking for new opportunities in life. Helen
Pilar said…
Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring post! I love the perspective in this piece. You can see the heart dancing!xoxoxopip
Anonymous said…
I can't tell you how good it feels to hear from you all. Thank you for your inspiring and encouraging words...and for sharing your creative gifts; they...and you enrich my life immensely.
Keep shining, for that's what stars do!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for posting those happy and inspiring words on the doorway of the heart.

Love your heart mandala - It's so joyful!!!!