Mountainous Whimsy! (CED 2008)

Oh what fun
"creating on the fly" is! Giving myself a limited time in the spirit of play...and who knows what will show up. This is another creation on blank dayplanner paper. So, now I'm caling these "Dayplanner Doodles".
Thank goodness for portable creativity! Some people carry books on their daily commute (which I alternate those :) but often I carry markers or colored pens, and blank paper in my dayplanner; and..I have an extra stash of markers at work for when I'm on the phone and on "hold". My friend Pattie calls those "Phone Doodles". It's a beautiful thing... to take a minute here and there to draw without mental investment in the do it for creativity's sake...and to delight our creative spirit.
Sometimes I look at this dayplanner doodle, and it feels a little it could walk in all directions that IS creepy!..yikes! other times it feels like fun that has broken out all big party! (What does it look like to you?) - And that eye at the's watching over us to remind have fun, be creative, take time to smell the flowers...and give ourselves permission for all of this ...and more. Give it a try...see what you come up with doodling a little bit here, a little bit there...and if you'd like to share it...I'd love to see it!
This is entry #2 for Inspire Me Thursday, click here to see #1. This also doubles as an entry for Leah's inspiring project: Creative Every Day 2008 (click to see it).