Thank you - I'll be back!

Hi everyone,
I know it's been a while since I've posted...and my posting patterns have changed a bit...but I will be back! Thank you everyone who's posted a comment, or e-mailed me asking if I'm coming back :) I assure you that I am. Balance, harmony, wholeness, and being present to the moment, inner-listening...all of these I've been working with more intently in my off-line life; I'll be sharing that with you as I begin to post again, more regularly. Thank you all for staying tuned-in to me...and I'll continue to staying in touch with what you're up to via your blogs too. I thank you for your creative inspiration and kindred spirits that continue to share with me.

With love...


Thanks for the update Cheryl. You are loved...and missed! Beverly
Anonymous said…
thanks for the update ARE missed! Krissie
Anonymous said…
Yay!! She's still around! Looking forward to more posts....Take care! Karin