My Unique Way

Art Every Day Month -- Out of this world! -- at least in my subconscious. These lines and angles keep showing up!! What's up with that? I'm not usually drawn to them...but here they are! Hmm...I'll have to let this sit with me...incubate a while and invite Insight to come. What flashes in my mind as I write this is: I normally have a difficult time following a "straight and narrow" structure of doing things; although I know it has it's advantages, it not "my way"'s not the way that energizes me.
My natural way of being and doing is the scenic, meandering route....letting myself gradually get into the spirit of what "I" need before I tend to outside needs of the day. This usually includes a leisure cup of tea, gently waking up, consciously breathing, inner-time....a little time with Ike..."easy does it" is key for me. energy and focus build naturally from that and I'm on my way, otherwise it can be too jolting, unsettling...discombobulating.
What it boils down to is recognizing, acknowledging, valuing... and giving myself permission to do things "My Way" as Frank Sinatra would say. Now I get it! That's what the lines and pathways in this mandala are about... they symbolize me staying "my" course, staying on "my" path...and embracing & celebrating "my" unique way of doing things...and to not allow things in my periphery to distract me from following "my" unique way. And what a bold, colorful way it is! Today, may you acklnowledge, embrace and celebrate your unique way...and unique you!


Everydaythings said…
Cheryl, thanks for that insight into your day. Isnt it funny how we are all so different. I have to go at a hundred miles an hour first thing, and then I slow down in the afternoon, and then gain momentum again in the evening! Love the Mand. colours there!
Being true to our own self and path is perhaps the easiest and hardest thing that we do every day! I continue to reach and dabble in that every day...and cheer you on as you do so too! Beautiful mandala and reading!
megan said…
I loved reading this post & watching you inch up on what your "inside knowing" was showing you.
I have so enjoyed spending time and reading about how your art speaks to you and prompts an awakening. These are beautiful Cheryl. I hope you are planning to frame a series of these to include on your walls :-)

Miss you!

Anonymous said…
As usual, Cheryl, your posts hit a chord within me. I love to come here to get a bit of your words of wisdom! Stop by my blog if you get a chance. I'm going to be doing a giveaway and would love for you to be included! Talk to you soon!
Leah said…
lovely insights, cheryl!!

i too have a meandering way about things and an easy does it attitude. it works for me! :-)
x said…
Your mandalas are beautiful, the colors so vivid, the designs so striking and playful. Are you using some sort of marker? I love the ideas of drawing in the round rather than the square.