The Bottom of My Heart

Art Every Day Month ~
from the bottom of my heart."
This mandala puzzled me at first. Since my mandalas are
"stream of
ness" creations,
I remembered to trust the process, even though I didn't like the black; and in trusting...this mandala revealed much to me.
So...tonight as I pondered "The Bottom of My Heart" mandala I now see that its center it's alive and well and robust and red! And, that is the case no matter what...that's the core, the Eternal Truth of the matter; matter what seeming-darkness comes into life...vibrant life is at the center; burning away any clouds, misunderstandings, negative emotions, restlessness....whatever might get in the way of well-being. the Pheonix Rising from the ashes, new life prevails..."renewed life". The black is a reminder of those ashes...and the Phoenix principle, and THAT is a blessing. To quote one of my very first spiritual teachers (whom I think the world of), Louise L. Hay..."Deep at the Center of my being there is an infinite well of love*..." so...may we realize, acknowledge and be guided by it, and feel and live the love, joy and peace it gives. May you be well.
* "Deep at the Center..." is the title of a written piece, consisting of wonderful, uplifting, flowing affirmations of self-love, created by Louise L. Hay. It's been a part of my life since 1990, and reading it aloud creates beautiful shifts within me that I cannot explain. I dare you to read it and not feel good! :) -- You can read it here. - Enjoy...
Celebrating "Art Every Day Month" (click here) - or at least "posting" some art in some of those "every days" LOL!!


Everydaythings said…
cheryl - for me Louise Hay has to be the pioneer of affirmations and deep wellness for women. I have many of her books and re read from time to time and each time I get a new message from them. I do like your upside down heart. It looks like a strong picture/mandala, v positive.
Wow Cheryl, your mandala is so full of meaning and well as beauty. I love the way you looked so closely into it to see the messages it has for you. Love the portable altar post too...what a neat idea! Beverly
Cheryl - Remind me to tell you what I saw in your mandala when I talk with you!


ethantan said…
Wow Cheryl, I am so honored to be featured in your December's spotlight :D From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much! :D I am so happy to know that you enjoy my blog :D

Love your beautiful mandalas!!
Deb G said…
I like this mandala very much.