The Texture of Life - Collage Therapy

"In the evening mist my spirit rises to greet me, and my soul wanders home."
~ ~ ~ ~ That beautiful quote rests near the picture of the woman sleeping. Isn't it lovely?
A little collage therapy...(You can click for close-up...the blurbs might make you smile : ) This was one of my morning collages from last summer. I created this Collage-a-Day project during
creativity coaches a way to be creative on a regular basis...because like so many people...I thought my life was too busy for me to actually "make something" regularly...and that made for a cranky and blue Cheryl! Creating something every day, no matter how large or small...or working on something, even if you don't complete so therapeutic...soothing to my soul. So whether it's collage, or mandalas, or jewelry or SoulCollage®, or blog posts, or crocheting or knitting...Twyla Tharp would be proud...I've cultivated The Creative Habit that she talks about!
This collage is about appreciating the texture of life...and you know me, I'm a
tactile girl! Life in 3D, and on the shores of 4D...taking in the rich depth, textures, gratitude and outright glee...and, knowing how to alchemize the shadowy moments...that's a part of the rich texture too. -- Don't you just love the look on the little girl's face!...and the woman in deep slumber...ahh... I can feel her releasing her day in appreciation for every bit of it...she just looks like she's a peace with life, and herself. By the way...if anyone can translate the words in the heart for me...I'd really appreciate it (I think it's advertising an apartment for rent.) And that perky little dog...and the swanky illustration of the women holding the sign of appreciation was the icing on the cake.
Yes, the texture of my life is deeply embossed with overflowing love & goodness, and mystery & spontanaeity and joy &'s...ever-expanding good...and I'm glad I get to share it with you!


Everydaythings said…
Cheryl - at last !!! I have been checking here for the last few days and here is another cheery and fun collage. I am going totry and make some too, they look fun and it kind of makes you look out for the good things in life when making one! another inspiration!
Everydaythings said…
yes checked back - nice words, could inspire a poem?
A wonderfully inspiring piece Cheryl..and I also LOVE the salad mandala!! Have a delightful time on your travels!
Everydaythings said…
I speak french Cheryl - it translates to at bertho and viviianne - bedsit appartments rooms and studios to rent/hire with a sea view - thats roughly it.
Everydaythings said…
I only have a smattering of high school french but its enough to understand simple phrases.
Cheryl Finley said…
Thank you, Garden Girl for the translation! ..and yes I love allows us to see differently; and see ourselves differently..or perhaps for the first time in some ways, which is why SoulCollage is such a large part of my life,(

And Pattie, I'm always glad to see and hear from you..thank you for your comments...I can see you smiling! (Yep, the Salad Mandala was pretty tasty!)
Anonymous said…
You are so effusive in your joy Cheryl...I love reading your posts!