"A River Runs Through It"

Patterns continue to emerge and unfold in my mandalas...both visually and in meaning. Swirly, squiggly lines, velvety colors fit together like puzzle pieces...all flowing toward The Center and rippling out again. "Center" is a theme that keeps showing up. It's meaning and presence in my life continues to expand and deepen. Even in the mandala post below...even in that canyon of tears...the Energy of the Center is alive there too...bathing me with compassion and Love. The salty tears cleanse my emotions...and heart, helping me release what needs to be let go. Unity is an ongoing chorus that sings throughout these mysterious circles.
This mandala strongly whispers to me that... "A river runs through it"...through me. And of course, a river runs...through you too! We are all inlets continually flowing from where we are on our journey....to the great river of our being...and those ripples affect the current of the Great River of our Universe. We are being bathed in the unity, the love, the peace, the beauty...the wholeness that is ever-present. An more of it keeps rolling in....like that huge boulder in the movie, Indiana Jones ...remember that? That's the way this mandala rolls to me...but with a gentle, suspended rotation much like the "Rich, Textured Journey" mandala..; but, the presence of this one is as if it was a planet... or moon hung in our Universe...vibrating "unity"...which gently runs through it...and us.


Anonymous said…
enjoyed visiting your links - nice to find some out of the ordinary,