Rich, Textured Journey

This mandala is one of my favorites. I think it's because the colors make me smile. They're an unusual and unexpected combination which is pleasing to me.
I find that I'm drawn to making that sickle shape...that half-moon...or parts thereof. it feels good to have my hand make the smooth expansive strokes with the markers. I continue to marvel at the the different shapes and squiggles and the unusual colors that were inspired.
This mandala represents the richly textured fabric of my life...and my life's journey: It's colorful, unique, harmonious, beautiful, unexpected, intriguing, cheerful yet soothing...and always vibing with and abiding in...The Center.
Mandala #56


Everydaythings said…
Cheryl - love the way the colours make the mandala look curved and sort of 3D - I am really liking these and am going to try them too to try and work thru grief issues at the mo.
Lisa said…
The colors make me smile,too! Thank you for sharing your wonderful soul-revealing mandalas with us. Congrats on the Rockin' girl blogger award! You definitely deserve it.
Anonymous said…
Not only did you use fabulous colors, you also used incredible patterns and shapes. I immediately saw an eye in the middle of mandala. I was immediately reminded of a sparkling jewel. When I looked back at the eye, I could see if expanding downwards and vering out. This time it reminded me of the Eye of Ra. This is a very powerful mandala and incorperates such an mixture of energy. Beautiful!
Everydaythings said…
Cheryl - made two today - and am inspired to do more!! Look did one on grief - will post later on in week, and the one there today - its a sort of one...more thought required,but really enjoyed creating them!
megan said…
Your work is SO alive, Cheryl! This might be one of my favorites of all your mandalas. It looks like it could roll right off the page & bounce down the street.

Thanks for the encouragement you are so generous with. It makes a difference.

And finally...if you send your snail mail address to me at, I have a little surprise to send to you!
Cheryl Finley said…
To all the kindred spirts who've left comments here, I thank you for your generosity, and for sharing my "Rich, Textured Journey".

keep shinin'!