Intention Doll

What an amazing experience...creating this "Intention Doll" - at a workshop faciliated by Lisa, owner of Whispers From the Moon. The photos can't capture the charm and presence of this doll, but believe me...she is something special. The workshop was truly an experience of creative bliss. It's like 3D Soul Collage!
Speaking of SoulCollage....I'll be facilitating a SoulCollage Workshop at Whispers from the Moon on January 24, 2009! If you're in the Chicago area want to attend the workshop, - OR be added to my mailing list...send me an e-mail: cherylsworld at - I'll be happy to add your name.


Anonymous said…
These dolls are exquisite Cheryl. Imbued with spirit!
shayndel said…
She's wonderful,
and the energy in your words and creations and Mandala Oasis greetings is overflowing.
What a fantastic way to start a year.
Happy 2009, Cheers and many thanks for your giving spirit and inspiration.