Dialing it down...

Teri has inspired me to try more Haikiu, so...here goes:

Coming in for a landing
It's the purple path
Sacred balance is the way

In an effort to dial down the pace of my life...and create more time for simply being, as well as to further nurture and develop my creative dreams...I will not be posting here for a while. I will however, post from time to time on my Mandala Oasis and SoulCollage blogs; so please...come visit me there! And in case you don't know yet... I am overjoyed that we've created a creative & kindred community at the Mandala Oasis Yahoo! Group, which you are welcome to join us if you'd like to explore your creativity and inner-landscape in a spontaneous way.

Please know, it has been most rewarding getting to know you all over the last year; and your presence has enriched my life more than you might know. Take care...be well...be creative..and keep shining your light! I'll hope to see you at my Mandala Oasis blog.

P.S. The orange text is a live link


Cheryl said…
Hi Cheryl, thank you for sharing both the mandala and the haiku. "Sacred balance" - oh, if I could only find it! Your purple path is both calming and exciting at the same time, very balanced indeed!
Anonymous said…
Dialing down is a good thing and something I am forced to do also.

This lovely mandala reminds me of the earth; land and sea and beauty.

The haiku is wonderful

I also have a new mandala/hiaku
Debra said…
Hi Cheryl,

Every time I open your blog and see one of your lovely mandalas, my spirit just seems to say, "Ahhhh". They are so beautiful and I can tell that they come from a place of Truth, healing, and clarity. Good for you for trying Haikiu. The natural rhythm of the words can be very soothing. Like a meditation.

I am sad to see that you won't be posting here for a while, but am happy to know that you are taking the time that you need to "dial down" your days. Being is just as important as doing, sometimes more so! You are taking the time to honor your own needs and that is very healthy, dear heart!

I hope that everything is going well for your beautiful daughter! Please check in every now and then, or feel free to pop on over to my blog anytime to say hello. You are such a pleasure to know. Such a positive soul with so much to give. I appreciate you more than you know.

Keep growing and shining!

Love and hugs,
Hi Cheryl, just want to say how awesome it has been to watch your online presence grow, change and evolve...Your lively creative energy is contagious...and so of course, I'll be checking in with you at your other sites....With love, Beverly
Anonymous said…
Hi Cheryl - thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I am finding the online life quite tiring and stressful and overwhelming at times...so back yes, but maybe spaingly so is the way to go? Will pop back to see if you are updating this page.??
Anonymous said…
sparingly - sorry typo.Krissie
I had lost your link but corrected it here