Mother Nature's Mandalas

Don't ya just love the way Mother Nature creates her own mandalas? And...I just love her flower mandalas, especially these - a series of clusters is quite unique.
A few days after my birthday...I opened my office door and this batch of potted mums...(did you know mums could be so beautiful?!)... greeted me like a choir! They were so perky & colorful ..and gorgeous...I swear they were swaying when I walked in! They were a gift from a thoughtful, sweet guy who waters my plants for me, long after I've forgotten about them.

There are so many things and reasons to be thankful, and natural beauty and color raises that "gratitude vibration" and friends raise it a thousand fold!

"Beauty is truth, and truth... beauty." ~J. Keats.


Lisa said…
Beautiful and happy birthday to you once again, my friend. I can never thank you enough for getting me started on the mandalas. Everything has turned around for me this week after spending time with them. It was the breakthrough I kept feeling was coming but just couldn't figure out HOW it would come. I feel like I've been wandering around and finally found my path. I still don't know where I'm going but I feel much more sure that I'm going in the right direction. It's such a relief. Thank you. Thank you. xoxox
patti said…
You're so right about the 'gratitude vibration' Cheryl, thank you for sharing those beautiful swaying mums!

I will check out the Mandala Oasis too - thanks!
Annie Z said…
What a wonderfully thoughtful and generous person your friend is. Lovely!
And happy birthday!!!

Debra said…
Happy, happy belated birthday to you, my sweet friend! I hope that the coming year brings you lots of health, joy, love, creativity, balance and abundance! Those flowers remind me of your beautiful spirit...filled with the color and movement of joy! So lovely.

I apologize for being a bit out of touch. My dad has been ill and so I was very distracted. Seems like too many things are happening this year, and I am already looking forward to 2009! Well, being Jewish, my New Year begins in the fall, so I guess I only have a couple more months to go.

I read the post about your daughter, but I must go back and read it again. She is an amazing young lady with such a wonderful spirit! Thank you for sharing her beauty with us!

Tammie Lee said…
those are some stunning natural mandalas, indeed!
Kathryn Costa said…
These are gorgeous! Mother nature is a dear for providing us with such beauty.
So pretty! I love natural mandalas.