Marvelous Moon

For me, the words
ous" and
"moon" go hand in hand. My daughter's first name means
"like the moon" and her middle name means "marvelous", in Swahili. So, this week's creative prompt - "Faces" - at Inspire Me Thursday was the perfect opportunity to share the face of my Marvelous Moon mandala. Her face is pretty cool to me, and...she has a mystical she's rolling along in space, sight-seeing the universe and in awe of it all. I suspect I'll glance at her one day and I'll hear volumes of insight. Her journey is indeed a marvelous one...just "like the moon".


Anonymous said…
You described your moon face so well! It has depth and vastness, and the colors are like the mysterious night sky full of stars.
Cheryl said…
Oh Cheryl, your Marvelous Moon is beautiful! She's full of mystery and motion, and at the moment I'm imagining floating through the universe with her, collecting fabulous stories and bits of wisdom. I'm so glad to see more of your mandalas!
Everydaythings said…
Cheryl how great to see your first post of the year and such a marvelous moon know I'm mad about the moon, and this is just a fantastic mandala capturing both the moon and a mandala! purple is such a spiritual colour too!
Wow! Cheryl, your mandala really pulled me in. It feels so magical. I love everything about it. You are oozing with creativity...keep it flowing and thanks for sharing!
Happy Valentine's Night! Bev
Laura said…
Love the marvelous moon!
patti said…
Kamaria is a beautiful sounding name and meaning - a perfect mandala to reflect this!
Your words and your art as usual hit my soul...You are an amazing woman Cheryl..
Hi Cheryl!

You've been tagged :-)
daringtowrite said…
Such vibrant mandalas! I love them!
Anonymous said…
Your designs are amazing!

sharryb said…
Hi Cheryl,
You are just too darm popular my dear. I have tagged you also. You don't have to do it. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you!

That MOON. She is sooooo beautiful.

laurel said…
She is beautiful! I love it when the moon shines through my bedroom window onto my bed and I can go to sleep in the light. Feels magical somehow.
daringtowrite said…
I forgot to mention how you've inspired me to get back to creating my own mandalas. I look forward to seeing more of yours.
Cheryl Finley said…
This is "marvelous" the moon...we all get to bask in the celebration of each others' spirit, art and celebration of life! I'm so happy we're all on this journey together!
I love you guys...!!!