Meet Kamaria!

I'd like you to meet Kamaria. She's my beautiful, generous, witty, courageous daughter that I talk about in the "Tag!" post below. So.. here are a few quick morsels about her:
1. She's a stitch! She's very funny...and will have you laughing before you know it, whether she's discussing real life, or telling a funny story.. it's that no-nonsense, quick-witted-clarity that is just so genuine and can't help but love her.
2. She's creative, in an "inventor" type of way. At age 13 she created a pully-device in her bedroom which she could operate while lying in bed. The purpose of this contraption? To turn off the light switch without her having to get out of bed! She and my dad were bosom buddies...and often made things together in his wood shop. No wonder she loved the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!..that Dick Van Dyke was always inventing something!
3. Oh my gosh, Kamaria is really good a paradies! She comes up with them in the blink of an eye. In Jr. High, whenever there was tension with a classmate...she'd come home and write a parody based one of the popular songs of the day...using one of the trouble-makers names, and creating lyrics that would just make them...back-off! They were so stunned, they had no come-back...(it kinda messed with their mind) they just left her alone. Oh, how powerful our mind is...using words and ingenuity as a neutralizer.
4. Kamaria made it her business to graduate from college in three years, she's now wrapping up her Masters in Corporate & Mass Communications. Her undergrad was in Radio, TV and Film, with a minor in Spanish.
5. She likes music, puzzles, bowling, trying new things; she likes to create/build things, do stuff around the house i.e. cutting the grass, and...she & friends recently layed laminiate wood in her living room; and she's always fine-tuning her vision of what she wants to do in her home...and her life. These are just a few things that she likes.
6. Kamaria is family oriented. When I visit her...I hang out with her and her friends...we have a good time!
What I'm most proud of is...that she's a good person. She's a caring, giving, thoughtful, compassionate Soul. I am so thankful that we've been so blessed to be in this life together, as mom and daughter. I just love her!


Debbie said…
She's beautiful Cheryl! Sounds like she takes after her Mom! I wish she lived next door to us - there are days I could really go for a good parody and a happy soul to brighten the day.

And Cheryl, you've succeeded in doing one of the toughest jobs in the world - congratulations on raising a good person. The world is in great need of them!! God bless and the best to you and all your loved ones!
Lisa said…
She's beautiful, just like her mom! Blessings and peace to you both.
I can feel you beaming as you write this!! She is a beautiful soul, her picture radiates off the screen! GREAT GENES! Blessings to both of you!
patti said…
It's been a while since I have visited you Cheryl - good to be back! Your daughter is so beautiful, definitely a shining soul!
Anonymous said…
Hello ladies,
Thank you all for your beautiful comments about Kamaria. I'm glad to have your gleaming presence in my world!

Godspeed to all...
Be well :)
what a unique kid; very self driven; what an individual. she does radiate doesn't she?
You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful, insightful, artistic and beautiful daughter:) Be proud of yourself for raising this shining star!