Green Oasis Mandala

This Green Oasis Mandala provides respite for my soul. Its colors and shapes, and its Center Oasis, or eye, invites me to go deep into its presence of wholeness, freedom, peace...and bliss. I hear whispers beckoning me to "just let go" and rest. This mandala is a haven for me, and of all the mandalas I've made, this is the first one that has affected me this way. This intuitive art-making is truly a fascinating journey. I never know what's going to show up on the page, and I find that refreshing and gratifying. Yes, Intuition knows just what she's doing... so I curtsy to her as well as the the Oasis inside this mandala...and the Oasis inside of me...and I say thank you. Yes, I let the mandala medicine have it's way with me...I just Let it Be.
Mandala #77


Everydaythings said…
very green and luscious Cheryl...a fertile oasis for new things to grow in? take root and sprout? Love the ahppy colours!
Annie Z said…
Another fantastic mandala from the fantastic mandala drawer!!
Lisa said…
I love your mandala. It is an amazing journey, learning to trust intuition.

It really is a process of surrender. I am always happiest with my art when I let intuition take over.
The Dream said…
LET IT BE - one of my absolute faves of all time.
Cool mandala!!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this post. You affirmed a recent lesson, which I have had come into my life: Let go and not over think one's art! Often, I start thinking about the product and ignore the process. I end up with a piece I can not stand and frustrations, which result from my lack of listening.
Hope you are well and having a good week!xoxoxooxoxo
Hey Cheryl, Your mandala is so powerful..almost makes me think of the eye of God (or the Goddess!) keeping watch over you....I'm so curious to know more about what your artwork says to you though...I get that it is powerful. I can clearly see that!
Everydaythings said…
(((Cheryl))) I am missing you've been gone for what seems like ages now! Hope youre back soon!!
Cheryl Finley said…
Hi Everyone! I'm so glad you stopped by, and thank you for all of your insightful comments and compliments :) - I've been enjoying the muse, Lull and will be posting again once my visit with her is done :), and I WILL be visiting your blogs too. Happy Autumn...and see you soon!
hugs to you...
megan said… are a green oasis. It's the time of year to go deep and it feels so luxurious to me...Persephone goes to the underworld.
Hey Cheryl, Just dropping by to say hey...Hope all is well...Miss your posts (and especially the mandalas!) I know you will be back soon though....Hugs...Bev
Deb G said…
I love this one!