June's Mandala Jubilation!

June Mandala #1
~~ It's Joyful Jubilation as I Begin Making Mandalas for June!~ ~

Ahh...summer is nearly here, vibrant color everywhere...a variety of rich textures are bursting forth; the chorus of birds singing in the trees is pure heaven to me... Today I saw a bird gathering twigs and grass his nest (he looked like a guy...LOL!) which I've not seen since I was a little girl! I paused and took these moments in. Life is good indeed. Oh...and hearing the breeze through the trees is so calming...each time I hear that it reminds me of a Haiku poem my daughter wrote for me when she was about eight, it had the line in it "the breeze through the trees.." -- just makes me smile. And yes...the fragrances of the flowering trees...tease us with promise of more to come. Mother Nature is in her glory...and so am I. It's a beautiful site to behold....and expereince. A dose of nature is good for the soul ....
The Art in Every Day...is alive and well, indeed!

This mandala is one of the first
SoulCollage® Cards in the Mandala Suit of my SoulCollage® deck. I become still, and ask this art from my soul: "Who are you?" -- It replies:

"I am the part of you who is wide-eyed with wonder and appreciation for the the vibrant color that I reside in. ~~ I am the one who is leaving my circle of color to explore the universe of color that awaits me! ~~ I am the one who is excited about the colorful options in life. I look forward to creating new colors and textures. ~~ I am the one who is creating a life that delights the senses and the soul. ~~ I am the one who is expanding my world...with arms wide open... moving into a vibrant life of beautiful, living color."


Lisa said…
Love it!! Yes, I may just have to have a mandala suit. :)
Anonymous said…
Good Morning Cheryl!

a mandala suit - what a great idea sending the colour of your spirit out into the universe and owning the kaleidoscope of yourself.

megan said…
You do something with color that is so alive. These spheres look to me like they could, at any instant, burst into space.